DIY – Clean Your Air Heat Vents There are several video’s on youtube of companies that clean air heating vents, but there are none that show how you can clean them yourself. This is a video i made when i decided to try and clean my air ducts by myself. I used a shop vac and a leaf blower to do the entire job.


Rick Dangerous says:

Did you just say that companies charging $80 is a SCAM????? LOLOLOLOLOL

Nicole Shaulov ❤❤ says:

this is stupid

Shawnne I Quick says:

I’ve been SEARCHING for a video like this. I need to do something about the dust in this house. Due to Michigan’s rather rapid and intense climate changes, I thought that may be the culprit- but after about a year now of “process of elimination” I’m finding that it’s gotta be hella dusty in the cold air returns. An hour after dusting, there’s a sheet of dust, again. And I have one of the higher rated filters in my vacuum (Dyson). It has helped a lot, but I think this weekend- my daughter and I will try our hand at cleaning these nasty ducts out. I can’t take any more of this allergy crap.

Jay Blendz says:

I wish I could’ve seen total accumulation in the shop vac.

AL Rodriguez says:

I have to give you credits for trying to save money; how ever I hate to say that with out the proper training, negative (at least around 5000 cfm) air pressure HEPA filtration vacuuming equipment , powered well-controlled brushing equipment, or high velocity air pressure equipment to dislodge dust, dust cake accumulation and other particles and contaminants; you will be better off not to touch anything because you will end up with a mayor issue ruining the Air Quality in your home. My recommendation to every one looking to get the hvac duct work system clean; best way to find a reputable company is visit your Better Business Bureau, do not go with the cheapest one, there is a good investment from the company stand point just to get to you along so no; duct cleaning it’s not cheap and if you are going to do it; them do it right by making sure you hire a reputable company which guarantees it’s service for the longest period of time. Every penny you invest will be well worth it!!!

Do It Your Self Home Improvements says:

I just maximize deficiency while keeping cost down by cleaning my dryer vent today. I pretty much kicked that lints back side.

Jay G says:

Fantastic idea! Thank you!

JBLebron Lebron says:

First off I like the idea and see that your trying to save money. I work for a duct cleaning company and the machine we use down stairs is 10 times stronger. And we use and air compressor with rods that go through the lines to blow everything down to our main machine. Yes what we do is not cheap but you get what you pay for, and get everything thing cleaned 100%

Jace Anderson says:

this is by far the worst demonstration on cleaning air vents, no offence of course. without using a motorized brush to knock off the stuck on dust especially after 20-40 years of collecting dust… forced air will NOT do any good. spend the money and do your research for a good duct cleaning company to professionally remove the soiled air vents and returns from the system.

anygoodmusic says:

What you just did there was a really horrible cheap version of half ass cleaning the ducts. You probably didn’t move a single piece of dirt in the main ducts and you wanted to stop the dust from getting in the furnace? Are you aware that all the dust throughout your ducts will also be in your furnace it’s self.. A for effort but they are called professionals for a reason lol

monkeyboy4746 says:

I agree with King X and eracer350 here, are you sure that the relative humidity is correct for the house during the heating season? I think it should be around 40-55%, do you have a humidifier on your system and is it working?

David Smith says:

Many think this is a rip off. If the company doing the work has the proper equipment your ducts will look almost like new when done. I assure you from personal experience this is a breeding ground for bugs, mold and other items you may think you would never find in your ducts.

Russ90128 says:

Should have done a before/after inside the Shop Vac.

Kent Harris says:

I’m wondering if I could use a 20 gallon air compressor instead on the leaf blower on a 11 vent rental house? In Texas all the vents are in the ceiling since it’s mainly AC out here.

I have a 3,200 sq foot house. The guy came out and said wow you have a nice house it’s going to cost $1,800 to clean the 20 vents and 2 returns which will take 5 hours! Another company quoted me $750 for just 11 vents on a rental house for just 3 hours work on the rental!

Dennis Johnson says:

Thanks for the video. I’m not sure if I understand this, but I thought with the air coming in from the other direction it pushed all the dust into the heat exchanger. Am I wrong on that? I would clean that after cleaning ducts to make sure.

lovedemond says:

Okaaaaaayyy. Here is the big problem with this. Not including that your an idiot for using fiberglass. Your not moving enough CFM out of the duct with your technique. So basically you just exacerbated any air quality issues you may have had by disturbing the dust and then after you were done farting around turning on your blower motor which really can and does move CFM- kicking back into that house any dust you may have disturbed. There was no need at all to even do the half assed cover up job on the registers because you never even got a faint hint of a whisper of a negative pressure using that shop vac in your basement. Lol. You didn’t event need it down there because it never did anything for your process. The only thing you did do even a little correct was using your leaf blower to force the debris to the downstairs to your basement area duct. It would have helped if you had something to scrape the walls of the duct but that is neither here nor there. In closing you have no idea what your doing just a weak grasp on half concepts that you don’t really understand at all and because you were too cheap and/or lazy to research and find a real cleaner to do this job you made a shitty situation worst. Congratulations! You are a typical dude! lol I don’t blame you though… cause I’m cheap too!!! FUCKAJAAAA!!!!!
BTW It’s normal (not correct, but VERY NORMAL) for many homes to only have one real return. If you find any returns that aren’t absolutely filthy that is only because they aren’t really hooked up to the system. Side not: The funny part about that is that returns are as important if not more important than the supplys. But that is a topic for a different response.

Ben Heit says:

Great Video! I might try that! Companies where I live want to charge like 500 dollars! I have both a leaf blower and a prettty good shop vac…the problem is I dont have any of those plates in the vents downstairs!! Grrrr what were you going to do if those plates where not there?? Thanks!!

J Lam says:

I also clean duct work. Listen if you think you will get a even a decent job for fifty or a hundred you are ignorant. I applaud the effort of daves vid. This is a good effort but this would be a hundred dollar very inefficient job which I would never do. I do recommend any one that is able to vaccum your vents and reach down as far as you can. Also your return vents. While not a thorough job it has got to be alot better then nothing. Dave I think said this took about five hour for 1 person (his self). So lets say with two people and the same equipment he was using it would take 2 and a half hours to achieve the same results. We charge per vent. average price is 300 or more. I will comment more when I get done changing my dryer heating element which is how I got sucked into the you tubes. after side tracking into video about a fifty dollar duct cleaning scam. Wow

silent witness says:

This video was voided by not showing contents of shop vac collection from your fine process. Like a cooking show where they highlight all the awesome ingredient mixing and shove it in the oven, and well that’s it folks we’ll see ya next time. No cake!? W T F ?!!!

michael mcquillen says:

good job, tanks for the info but I wouldn’t recommend using fiberglass as a filter its about 1000 times worse than breathing in dust

James Magarian says:

This is by far the worst method anyone could ever use to clean a venitlation system! I have been cleaning air ducts for 10 years and have recently opened my own business and hes right you cant trust just anybody but spend the 300-400$ to get them cleaned your family is worth it!! Lol a leaf blower it takes minimjm for a 2 bedroom house 145psi compressor and a 3000cfm hepa filtered dust collector

betyou didnkno says:

yes fiber glass is a good insulator but not in this case. breathing fiberglass is really dangerous.
Even though your using it as a plug to clean your ducts, alot of residue will definitely go into your blower. so now when you turn your blow on you won’t just have a dry throat but you might also get the runs!

x2004rx8 says:

you should have showed the dust in the shop vac…. justify your work

DarthShadie says:

We moved this Summer, the AC system runs from the same vents as the central heating system. I had no prblem this Summer, but now that heating has begun, I’m having trouble. I have bronchitis and it makes it worse, I have to open windows to help the situation. Not the best solution when you’re sick nd it’s cold outside. We don’t have a leaf blower. What would you suggest to do with just a vaccuum cleaner? Would opening up all the vents and clean them and in and around them help eough?

WateryIce54321 says:

What were the contents of the shop vac like? Or did you check the vent before putting the plate back on? I love the creativity in your approach, but without ways to quantify how effective your cleaning was this is not as helpful

christopher geoghegan says:

great idea, I will try it myself, my father was in the heating and air-conditioning business so I know a little more… thx, great video, chris

GmGarlo says:

so when you finished ,how much dust did you collect in your vacuum ?

Patrick Ahearn says:

Sorry to be negative here. This seems like a super bad idea. There are everything from dust mites to mold spores in those ducts. Ducts should be professionally cleaned. I do restoration work for water, fire, mold etc. I do not have the experience to clean ducts so I hire a professional when needed on a job. With my equipment and experience I am confident I could do it. Confident is not good enough when it comes to a family’s or business employees’ health. My thought is that paper bag is going to float and air will leak out if you have enough air pressure to clean. If it doesn’t float I don’t think you are doing much.

eric4308 says:

this is a waste of time. A) if the air blowing from your furnace blower didn’t budge the dirt, what makes you think a less powerful blower in the opposite direction is gonna do any good? B) For most people homes, duct cleaning is a bad idea, as the tools professional companies, and inexperienced amateurs use, can cause more dollars in damage than your saving. C) STATIC pressure. When the air is moving through the duct, it creates a static on the duct that the dust sticks too, thus why it doesnt continuously coat your furniture in layer upon layers of dust. D) If you just change your furnaces filter on a regular basis you wont have to worry about this. E) you should NEVER EVER blow or even RISK blowing dust or anything combustible back onto your heat exchanger in the furnace. The sitting dust can catch flame, an cause weak spots, that in time will crack an cause C02 to make it into the airstream.

AcroYoga with Dao says:

like watching home-ec macguyver.  well done and thank you!

Jason Fraser says:

Great vid but using fiberglass is TERRIBLE! It literally does the same thing as asbestos does to your lungs…cancer! NEVER allow fiberglass to circulate in your breathing air. This why me and other insulation installers ALWAYS use a proper mask when installing insulation.

Kris Musser says:

Looks like I have a new job detail to complete. Thank you for your insight.

Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning LLC. says:

You have no idea what you’re doing. Call a NADCA certified company.

Beautiful New Morning says:

Thank you for the video.. Will be doing this with my air ducts.. : )

Logan Cartwright e. says:

Just had our forced air heater professionally cleaned. Sorry what your showing is way less complete. Powerful truck mounted 8″ vac hose at unit back to truck and flexible brush run from ea register back to furnace. ETC. BTW closing off all your registers at same time may collapse flexible lines.

Terri S says:

Yeah, I cringed when I saw what you did with the fiber glass insulation piece, also that you weren’t wearing eye protection at the very least! You should have also been wearing a respirator (NOT a dust mask).

rkwebber12 says:

This is the dumbest thing ive seen yet. Very creative but he obviously doesn’t know didle about cold air duct with is probably the main return air and the rest are the supply air vents that do both Heat and Cool Bwahahahahahaaa

SuperCyril2 says:

Dude. The way you cleaned those ducts took too long. I disconnect the ducts from the furnace and put the garden hose on one end and a bucket on the other end and give it a good rinse with water. Do it to all the takeoffs and clean the distribution channels with wet rages and a snake. My ducts are cleaner than my floors. Cheers

11green11 says:

kudos for being proactive for your familys health concerns man ! Anything you do in terms of cleaning your duct system is worthwhile

ruffynd says:

Hey MacGyver, Thumbs up.

Some One says:

Yo, you didnt show the dust u collected. Where is the closure?

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