This painting tutorial is created for anyone who never painted before. I myself am not a painter. The last time I actually painted something was in high school for an art assignment. This past summer I felt inspired to pick up my paint brush and give it a try. Many of you have requested on my instagram for me to make a tutorial on painting. This is my first attempt and I hope I can bring out the artist in everyone. It is so important for us to exercise our creativity.

Ann Le, Anneorshine

Music playlist:
Music in the order it was played:
Memorable, Piano interlude, The Grand, The Nocturne, and The Storyteller.

Materials used:
Primed and stretched canvas
Cat tongue brush
Sword striper brush
Round brush
Acrylic Paint in crimson red, ultramarine blue, white, and black
and my imagination

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Kathleen Fung says:

I love it! The glitter really makes a difference (:

Livia Taniwangsa says:

I’m a new subbie here omg Ann i love your videos they are amazing<3 love all your diys and draw my life (so inspirational). Please do more of these kind of painting video 🙂 i have a blank circular canvas and i don't know what to paint :s

QueenMarshmellow says:

you are so amazing

ellis andrezza matos says:

lindo ^_^

That's Mango says:

Thanks Ann this was awesome

cessymwah says:

more paintings pls 🙂

Swira1992 says:

wow im gonna try this for sure love your paint 

Cam Hess says:

This is soooooooo pretty! But idk if I could paint the flowers so pretty……

Denise vd Willigen says:


Gena Goss says:

Very cute 🙂

Gioeyerin says:

Does anyone know the song that playing during 4:27 when she stops talking I love this song and would love to find out the name???

Emilia Suchora says:

WOW amazing thank you i have been looking everywhere for painting ideas! I will definitely do this now

sana humayun says:


Potato says:

Do more xxxxxx

Michelle Covens says:


Joanna Lu says:

how beautiful!

Daily Us says:

do you really think you can just show us something as awesome as this and think we can just learn it?!?! ITS SO COOOOOL but you have been painting in classes and i think its a little too hard

Potato says:

That’s amazing xxxx

hima biju says:

Your my biggest inspiration.

Estelle S. says:

That’s so beautiful ! I love painting but i never have time… I think i’ll try something like this this summer. Thank you for all the amazing DIY !!!


Tipico: vez este video, lo haces y te sale HORRIBLE XD

Ruqaya Almail says:

OMG that was so pretty & inspirational! Definitely will try it soon & see how it turns out.

Wafaa Jaradat says:

from where your ysl ring ?? please

Heidy Asmarani says:

wow I made a donut

Αγάπη Βαζουράκι says:

Amazingly perfect!!

Kira Swan says:

Here’s my tip ladies!

When painting, don’t fill up your container with more water than needed. This way you don’t waste so much water and you can get the right amount of water, reducing your chances of smudging the painting.

Maryrose Lama says:


Lolaipop01 says:

do you have to use a canvas? or can you use art paper? please and thank you

Lise Rushie says:

Wowwww beautiful

xiao lunglie says:

Oh my god i love all your painting video …. you are very inspired me for my room decor and many more thanks a lot ann le

Yaima Martinez says:

You look so much better with your brown long hair 😉

ChocoDiamonds says:


ichik333 says:

I absolutely love this video!!!! I’m trying to get into painting. I had attempted one painting once and really loved the process. It’s very very very therapeutic, and this has inspired me to go back into it. I love these kinds of videos Ann! Thanks for sharing!

Annie McKernan says:

My paint would not blend

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