DIY Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover

Come along as I get crafty and completely makeover my tv stand!
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I used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and the Annie Sloan Soft Wax in Clear. The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is available internationally but isn’t sold at any large retailers (that I know of). I was able to find her paints at a local shop by checking on her website:

Here are the knobs I used!

This was such an easy project and it feels like a brand new piece of furniture. Definitely recommend if you’re looking to change something up! If you do this, please tweet me a photo! 😀


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Princess Leia says:

This looks so cool!! Great idea Allison!

Autumn Behon says:

I know what I’m doing with my old bookshelf now! Very helpful video. I enjoyed the tips that you included, they’re especially helpful for not-so-handy people such as myself x)

Fernanda Rengel says:

This looks amazing! Will definitely be trying it with some picture frames I want to revamp 🙂

Jenny Knopsnider says:

Annie sloan Chalk paint is the best! I’ve redone a large dresser, chair, and bar. In love we the duck egg blue 🙂

imahappycat says:

Love the apt series. I am sure your apt will be beautiful. Love you and Ella.

Myeverydaywifelife says:

Oh gosh I would have left the top stained wood!

Fuchsia Sketch says:

Love that you don’t have to do anything before!

Isabella Ki says:

where did you get the paint from

Ronnied1941 says:
Abrianna Virgen says:

I want a place like this. please let me know where I can find one. 🙂

tmjd79 says:

As someone who loves stained wood, that was a little heartbreaking.  BUT, that being said, the finished product looks great.  I love the new knobs.  I’m glad that you are taking us with you on this moving/decorating journey.  🙂

Mashael Waleed says:

love these kinds of videos =))

Josh Last says:

are you advertising for annie sloan products?…

Maxine F says:

I have that same TV stand. It nice to know what it looks like in a lighter color

318techy says:

Best video ever. Love you, so easy. Thank you

microporetape says:

Now it looks like ikea furniture.

susuontheblock says:

fantastic result!!!!

Gwyn Caraway says:

does the chalk paint have a satin finish? or is it more matte?

DCastle says:

Hey Allison. Did you by any chance pick up this piece of furniture at target? I did and I believe that it’s actually from the Andersson category. What a coincidence on so many things.

JW10141985 says:

Love Love Love! I might do this to my bedroom furniture. 🙂

ShaunWhiteismyGinger says:

great! I love it!

MsLynnielicious says:

I must say though that so many antiques have been “murdered” by Annie Sloan lol. Personally not a fan of chalkboard paint on furnitures but that tv stand looks great!

Ciara Pirote says:

Does this work with laminated wood? Pls reply pls pls thanks mwah

MelsMakeup88 says:

This actually was very helpful! I have a full length mirror/jewelry box that I have been wanting to paint white. Thank you!

Krisa Gregory says:

By far the best tutorial on using chalk paint!! I have been watching and reading several tutorials on chalk paint but none of them made me feel comfortable about painting a piece of furniture. Thank you for this video. Now I can feel at ease about painting a hutch that I purchased =) Wish me luck! Oh what kind of cloth did you use to wipe the wax?

Pauline Robillard says:

Hi Allison, Is your TV stand from IKEA?

Perla Sanchez says:

Awesome video! I will keep this in mind when I redecorate. 🙂

a Wildflower Life - Healthy Food & Lifestyle says:

It turned out so cute and pretty!! I love it! <3

JoLynKell California says:


Sara N says:

when i got my new apartment, I got a old kitchen table that needed some tlc (needed some repairs and the top was too chipped to keep it the original color), and repainted the top white with a tent of blue, but kept the legs the color they were (seeing they are this also pink and already distressed). I also got a new dressed and striped the awful paint on it (ps more than 4 layers of paint that was so gross looking and hard to get off), and painted it sky blue to match my headboard.

A Faust says:

Haha it’s nice, but I’d never do this to my furniture because I love the look of wooden furniture 🙂

Carah Amelie says:

This inspired me to do some of my furniture! Love it

adcs2323 says:

loved this!! Please make more home decor projects or decor hauls, its my favorite!!! 🙂

Kelli Wiersema says:

Looks great – can’t believe how easy it is with that paint!

Rachel Cohen says:

I love the DIY projects!

gladys mejia says:

Lovely 🙂

Jordan Adams says:

My mom is an artist and she’s gotten into chalk painting furniture and LOVES the Annie Sloan chalk paint 🙂 she really enjoys your videos too 🙂

americandreamglow says:

You need a lot of patience to do this! that I don’t have!

Olivia Martin says:

What a great project!!

Esther J. Belony says:

Is there any wax that cures all the way in way less than 30 days?

norma jean says:

I absolutely love this… how much was all the paint and the brushes?

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