DIY cardboard furniture with free IKEA-style instructions

Industrial designer Adrian Candela was overwhelmed by the packing waste stacked in his living room after a recent move and being in need of a nightstand and not wanting to spend any more money, he turned the old boxes into new furniture.

His Nit (Catalan for “night”) nightstand is now 8 months old (it was a Christmas gift for his girlfriend) and it is still standing (it’s even had water spilt on it). Inspired by how easy the process was to upcycle his corrugated fiberboard, Candela created a simple step-by-step assembly guide that he has made available for free online so that others too could turn their furniture waste into side tables.

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samiramt says:

Este tema es simplemente incomparable:), me es interesante)))

steps4living says:


Tome4kkkk says:

Everyone are all over traditional furniture making. But if you look at it sober, you can see that the tradition of furniture relies on oversized pieces that cover unoptimal layout, construction wise. To get subjectively more pleasing aesthetics. The cardboard furniture is the exact oposite. I like it! To be honest, as an engineer, some of the traditional furniture solutions make me cringe 😉

RubyOpheliaQuinn says:

I love this idea, though I would have to paint it because I find brown depressing.

Alida Bug says:

this is quite beautiful. creative and thought provoking.. We all should live with less. life would be better 🙂

Nereus says:

what would our grand parents tell of us… spending money to buy cardboard forniture really…

vincent pham says:

how thick is the cardboard? i believe normal USPS cardboard won’t work with such a project

Đăng Lê says:

cardboard is love, cardboard is life

Catherine Cadoul says:

Belle invitation!!!!,

Daniel Pinheiro says:


Lynda Thomas says:

WOW! DEFINITELY! My bed sits too tall for your night stand but love to do that. Totally love the living room long table. I’d love your plans if you haven’t made them real costly.

SinineMeri says:

If you want to improve on your project/future projects, pay attention to flute direction on corrugated cardboard. On diagonal pieces, you used weak direction, thus it’s easy to bend and crease when bumping into it. Other way would be much stabler, stronger and leave a prettier edge

rawbrutaltruth says:

really liked this video…..

music lover says:

good idea thank you for sharing

Julia Carranza says:

es  un genio gracias

XYED Zeus says:

i was thinking of making something similar then plasti dip it ….but when he said u should not hide the material and just show it off rather ….i was ashamed ….how much fake am i …….this guy is cool

Xsaz0000 says:

Charge $50 and you’ll be in direct competition with Ikea. j/k

Hailey Gyle says:

You can spray paint it

Audri Granados says:

COOL!  I would spray paint it to match my room.. AWESOME

Ruru R says:

I really loved its clever simplicity. Great job! Any other, probably larger, designs?

suooa says:

Wooooow just wooooooow!!

Gina O says:

Thanks so much! I love your idea,
keep going!

rahma elmo says:

Where can I get the instructions to build something like this?

Theo Respati says:

You can even download the instructions for free from his site

Thanks Adrian Candela!

Aprendeartesania says:

Low cost, simple and beatifull. Big idea and project.

MovieMad Entertainment, LLC says:

inventive and creative. Love it!

cesar taylor says:

Thank you so much for the awesome work and the trouble to share the instructions. (And sorry for my fellow commentators here.)

Sharon Kaley says:

If you added sticky contact paper, it would give it color and strength

gulufolsom says:

awesum…..soooo creative

Stunning Living Room Ideas says:

awsome and genius, painting and the idea.. thx for upload

Michael Pan says:

Fascinating… I would imagine this would work VERY WELL with 1/8″ fiber boards… those are dirt cheap. We’re talking $8 for a 48″ x 96″ board. If you do your measurements ahead of time, you can get all the large cuts done at the store (e.g Homedepot) for free* (*If you go during quiet hours). Then, make the smaller cuts at home using a jigsaw or something…. ***___*

melii ahumada says:

loving this video

Na Al says:

I love cardboard furniture, but
1. it’s hard to find for sale
2. when you do find it, it is VERY EXPENSIVE [for cardboard]
3. it’s not going to last long enuf to be worth the expense
4. it is next to impossible to find templates so you can make it cheaply yourself
I think a book of templates would sell very well

Also, i wonder why foam core does not seem to be used much. I think it may have some advantages over cardboard-
1. it’s sturdier, i think
2. it cuts more easily and without the rough edges that you usually get with cardboard

Fatima Naqvi says:

thank you for sharing this idea and showing the technique too…

Rach C says:


jaxel26 says:

Brilliant!   Totally awesome.  Well done.   🙂

Dennis Mitchell says:

very frustrating no indication of basic design or measurements necessary

Rakesh Pandey says:

what a good idea my friend..

Mitzi Ellis says:
Lisa Lisa says:

very nice!

S Pasha says:


philliphernandezb23 says:

*Learn How To Make Cool Functional Furniture With Cardboard.*

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