DIY All Purpose Cleaning Wipes

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Here’s a simple (and super frugal!) DIY cleaning product that works like a charm! Make your own all-purpose cleaning cloths and use them for spills, wipes, scrubs and everything between. These store really well and once you’ve used a cloth, drop it into the wash and keep it on hand for the next time you whip up a batch of cleaning solution.

Cleaning Solution:
1 cup boiled water
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
1 Tbsp dish soap
3 drops essential oil (optional)

Place clean cotton cloths into a jar or dish with tight-fitting lid. Mix up the cleaning solution and pour it over top the rags. You’re done! Start using the wipes to clean up around the house. Make sure to keep the cleaning cloths sealed when not in use.


Sunny Ahuja says:

can i use it for my tv and mobile

Nidhi Gour says:

Hi ur tip is awsome. Can u please share toilet clearner recipe:)

Michelle Mendenhall says:

I need that jar!

BrannRay says:

Def going to be trying this one! Thanks for sharing!!

PollyannaFeline says:

Definitely subscribing!!! 

smritibhanuwwm says:


Jeanette Mullett-Meisel says:

I just recently found your channel upon recommendation from Jessica at Kindercrafty.  I love all of your videos, especially this one!  I’ve made my own cleaning wipes for years using paper towels, but I love this idea to use reusable rags even more.  Thanks for sharing.  I can’t wait to try it out!

Veronica Jones says:

what a great idea!! so eco friendly can’t wait to do my own thanks!!

superMOMS says:

They look really cute! Gotta try my next batch of wipes with thicker towels

Mel G says:

I love your practical ideas. Also your videos are short and get to the point!  🙂

kirstie plows says:

do these rags get sour from sitting in the jar for more than a few days?

jrmint2 says:

I really tried to like the disposable cleaning wipes, but besides being environmentally unfriendly, I don’t think they wipe and clean as well as cloths. So even the diy version with the paper towels didn’t appeal to me much. But this cloth idea is great! I use cut up white t-shirts as reusable paper towels for wiping mirrors, but prefer old bath towels for general cleaning. I’m putting this idea to the test tonight 🙂

Naomi Talking Money says:

How did you just make cleaning wipes look pretty? I’m VERY impressed!

Mia Plummer says:

what about the dye from the towels that will settle in the solution? use white rags if trying this diy.

SoccerGal94 says:

I just made my first batch! Hope that it goes well. I am on a mission to use disposables!

Kin Community says:

Such a great frugal supply to have on hand! 

Ann marie White says:

Fantastic much better than paper towels new to your Chanel can’t wait to watch more!

The Divine Hostess says:

This is super cool!!

Christine Batch says:

I just made these and they work really well!!! I bought two 18 packs of white cotton wash clothes from Walmart $3.47 each , they are100% cotton, and are a little rough textured so good for scrubbing, I found the same jar as in the video at target for $8. I used my Mrs.meyer dish soap, and had rubbing alcohol. Thank you!

LittleStar says:

How long do they last before drying ?

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