D.I.Y. Bong Cleaning

Bong getting a little grimy? Here are some D.I.Y. cleaning tips to make it sparkle.
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mw10259 says:


D D says:


Knight Artorias says:

I mean, finding the song would be great so I can actually smoke listening to it.

acediaism says:

What song is this? Shazam is letting me down.

Ricardeaux says:

can you use the same instruments and method to clean your lungs?

rollinggoronable says:

super helpful video actually, thanks ma fuckas

finian jeory says:

Who the Fuck burns the Herb in a Bong anymore! That shits like Tar on the Lungs crap and taste like ashtray. Get your vapour on with the program kids!

QuickQuips says:

Ultrasonic cleaners might do a better & faster job and requires less manual labor, and alcohol. Also, there’s pipe cleaners too.

dabzvapelord says:

use an orange oil cleaning. natural af and cuts through that stuff so easily.

massaweed420 says:

Oh my god, why the FUCK would you waste all the resin in that bowl by cleaning it that way. Just dip it in boiling water for a few seconds, and the resin just slides right off. Then you can save it for later, or give it to a homie that is out of bud and wants to smoke

Capt. Sum Ting Wong says:

I clean my pieces after every 3 uses, I can’t stand smoking out of a dirty bong!

karina 4Ever says:

i should show this to my mom

JJ says:

I wonder how much weed you have to smoke to believe it cures diseases

April A says:

you could also use a baby bottle brush to scrub the inside of the bong

DrunkMouse2030 says:

Superdeluxe is so edgy I love it

Super Deluxe says:

Pro tip: Save the old bong water and pour it all over your ex’s clothes.

Knight Artorias says:

been a week since I last commented, still no news on the song…fuck

Bioneck Gaming says:

Thanks, now I can get arrested easier.

PanglossWasWrong says:

How do I keep my warm water from cooling down overnight?

Beats, Games, Life -ZimM804 says:

That’s what your lungs look like.

CowsR4me says:

You dont need the toothbrush or the 24 hour wait period. Just put the salt and isopropyl into the bong and using both hands to cap it just shake the shit out of it. Takes like 2 mins start to finish.

Mischief Memoirs says:

Nooooo! This is horrible. Rubbing alcohol residue will be left on the piece and is not healthy to ingest.

Rohy says:

anybody have some indica? I’m willing to Fork out a hefty penny. A big load of a penny, a sticky penny.

David Farner says:

Wow. That was tedious.

ChardOfMight says:

Only animals let their piece get that filthy holy shit

Toren Tank says:

This is what I do for an enema

Corkoth55 says:

Keep it clean and you’ll never have to do this shit…

Chris Dixon says:

Now do “DIY How To Get Resin Off Your Hands”.

brainztain says:

now how to clean lungs pls

Jason Horton says:

that was ineptly done.

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