Cleaning Routine and DIY Pledge!

Here is my master bedroom cleaning routine and how I use home-made pledge to make it happen!

HouseofAqua’s video:



twedell0108 says:

You don’t need to use extra virgin olive oil for cleaning your just wasting your money. You can use regular olive oil.

fluffynama says:

can i just use normal white vinger rather then distilled vinger

KraftyScorpio says:

How do you clean or dust your blinds?

debngp says:

Can’t wait to try that recipe for pledge!

Scrappingpinklady says:

Where is the best place to get the empty spray bottles.?

Fran A says:

I found your channel a couple of months ago and love it!  Thanks for the Pledge recipe.  I hate using chemicals in my house & hate the high cost of cleaners so I’ll definitely use this recipe.  I am also a fan of high end sheets!  I won’t buy anything less than 400 thread count & have bought as high as 800 thread count when the deal is right!

Do It on a Dime says:

Thanks! I usually change them every Sunday 🙂

MsCavalier01 says:

Hi, I love the idea of all natural ingredients and I’m going to give this a try! Thanks so much for sharing this! I just subscribed to your channel and can’t wait to catch up watching your other videos! Hope you’re having a great weekend! xox ~ Colleen

Jennifer Helding says:

Just made this with lavender…great for the bedroom!

Kelly - House of Aqua says:

Thanks for the shout! 🙂 I am highly interested in your Pledge recipe. Also, if I may ask, what program do you use to edit your videos?

Gina g says:

you are a hero! wonderful job taking care of bedroom.

Melody Champion says:

I just found your channel today and can’t wait to try this diy pledge (I already went out and purchased the lemon essential oil) I make several household products myself and have found that my asthma is so much better because I’m not breathing in so many toxic fumes. Plus, my son’s sensitive skin does just fine with my homemade detergent and fabric softener:)

happay home says:

thank;s dear i made my own dusting spray, and yes it so nice smilling and on the buget

Do It on a Dime says:

No, it’s optional…just makes it smell yummy 🙂

Carol Martinus says:

Had a Do it On a Dime success today 🙂  Made 1/2 batch of the DIY pledge, placed in a dollar tree green spray bottle and used label maker to identify. I was very impressed how the DYI pledge on a microfiber cloth picks up considerably more dust & leaves wood looking beautiful.Thanks for all the effort you put into your videos!! Carol

Angela Walton-Raji says:

Do you spray the DIYPledge on the furniture or do you spray your dusting cloth with the solution? (or does it matter?)

roynorw says:


Dawn Deel says:

i will definitely have to try this for dusting since its natural and i have small children thanks for sharing

JessieHomemaker says:

I love videos like this! I am always on the lookout for new cleaning tips. Good job!

debngp says:

I also wonder if instead of the olive oil, lemon oil could be substituted?

Milton Fludgecow says:

have you ever tried cloth diapers for dusting cloths

Cynthia Nixon says:

too cute! I’m gonna try the pledge recipe :).

Do It on a Dime says:

Olive oil works best as far as I know, although I have not personally tried other types of cooking oil.

Shelles 5K says:

Awesome idea! The fumes from various cleaning products have really been getting to me. Thanks for the recipe!

Adan Modesto says:

I saw u have 2 pledge recipe! What’s the different??

prepperchickie says:

love it

roynorw says:


Do It on a Dime says:

Should work fine!

PinkBellaMia says:

I LOVE home made cleaners I will have to try this one thanks for sharing.

Do It on a Dime says:

Yay! I’m so glad you tried it an love it. 🙂

melissa pintone says:

Do you a video on a schedule of your cleaning ?

eyar faj says:

hi! loved your vids. can i ask if it’s ok to use an ordinary cooking oil instend of olive oil?

Alan Stephens says:

Hey i want to start using this asap! but i was using something similar and the olive oil smell never went away on my cabinets and it left them all greasy. Does the vinegar smell go away. also Ive been looking for the essential oil fragrance stuff everywhere where do you usually get it?

gishdz says:

Hello. Is it possible to use this for wipes, as pledge brand wipes? I love your videos!

Marcy King says:

It’s super cool

Denise Prater says:

I’m very new to YOU TUBE, and I started out watching Malitose79, ( I still watch her as she just doesn’t seem to post very often, but I think I read that she’d had a baby Milo I think was it’s name ) but I came across you, ad I love your video’s, I’m wondering if any oil would do, like vegetable oil, as I’m on very little income ( on disabiity) and I can’t afford olive Oil, ( unless the dollar tree has it?) do you think vegetable oil would work, as I’m sure the oil is for the shine?

9racing9 says:

I will have to try the DIY Pledge! What a great idea. Do you just spray your rag a few times while dusting or do you spray it after each item you dust? I noticed you don’t spray the furniture… is that correct?

sharashara25 says:

ya lo uso y me encanta , mucha gracias por compartir con nosotras . besitos

amy Goodman says:

awesome I am so happy I am saving money and the you

Thin Thin Rodgers says:

I made this spray today and wiped my whole house with it. I am in love. Smells so good and the olive oil renews my furniture. Thanks, DIOD

heecta says:

Love it! Made it today and im already addicted to it

Kristy Murray says:

Can you use coconut oil instead of olive oil?

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