Cleaning Dirty or Clogged Fuel Injectors – DIY Without Using Expensive Equipment

So as a follow up from my last video on how to test fuel injectors, here is a video on how to clean fuel injectors yourself. Whether you want to clean clogged up injectors or simply clean an injector from a wrecking yard before you put it in your engine, this quick and easy method will save you both time and money. Clogged or dirty fuel injectors could cause a missfire, poor engine performance, a lean condition and other issues that should be addressed sooner than later.

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James Drury says:

Great video, you should sell the pipe you made?

Robert Carter says:

lady looks like a dude

Neil Barnes says:


mrsillywalk says:

Sixtyfiveford uses a tyre valve. Looks much easier.

Brian Clark says:

Can u make me and and send it to me I tried to do it messed them up

emocan126 says:

the back flushing didn’t sound that healthy

Sibusiso Randy says:

how can I save from my Toyota Camry 2.0

Todd Anthony says:

My Jetta diesel has chromed internals in the injectors, at almost 300K miles the chrome began breaking down and once a chrome flake the size of a pepper speck got wedged in the injector pintle when firing and locked the pintle full-time open, the result was sounded like someone was hitting the body of my car with a sledgehammer every time that cylinder fired. ….ouch!

Also, for safety’s sake I wouldn’t recommend doing your inj cleaning procedure as close to your battery as you are. The fine spray mist from inj is more flammable than the liquid by itself and each time your touching the battery post there is a spark even if your naked eye doesn’t detect it. essentially you have yourself a perfect set-up for a real bang-up party (terrible hangover included!).

Love your channel! Your the man, your the genius! No disrespect intended :]

skyeisle says:

think i will just buy some shares in the heat shrink tubing company

lazal3m says:

Is it important to correctly connect the battery +/- to a specific terminal in the fuel injector? Or polarity doesn’t matter?

N N says:

junkyard ftw

Charalampos Aktypis says:

Hello,I am using the injector Deka Vii by Continental.Does anyone know the operating voltage of this particular injector?

Hanalogue says:

Fuel injectors are “ground-driven.”

Kenneth l Burkes says:

hi is the red I’m working on a 76 Porsche 914 2.0 fuel injected cold start how many voltage should I get the same as the injectors is that with the key on or off could you help me let me know.

Au To says:

việt nam

Sharjah hHshjahjs says:

Ahhhh lick my terd filled ANUS

72chargerse72 says:

Why not just put 2 ft of hose on it. fill the hose full of cleaner then put an air line to it and pulse the injector on and off. then block the injector out ( to hold the cleaner in the injector) and wait for the cleaner to soak and clean inside. Just a passing thought.

contreras lencho says:

great love it !!!!!!but put a video of how to remove the fuel injectors on a 99 chevy s 10 pu 4 cilinders!!!

avoidrome says:

so i gotta go out and buy a heat shrink tube kit and 4 different sizes of tubing? no thnx…will search elsewhere for easier method..


Great show,very informative, good job man!!!

Frederick Maravillosa says:

thank very informative explanation god bless bro

Steve M. says:

Always a pleasure to problems solved by creative people. Thanks for the video.

Redd Gardner says:

Thanks a lot . The fear and ignorance is gone !

Mike Rotharmel says:

great tutorial and we’ll done, but next time I’d recommend using a heat gun to shrink the tubing. it’s a lot easier and more controllable and you can find them fairly cheap. nice tool to have

RE c says:

thank you, good job dude…

Tris Desnos says:

Why didn’t I think of this! So simple! Thanks for posting!

DODGEDADDIE Michaels says:

A better and safer way on shrinking the heat shrink is use a hair dry or a heat gun. Much cleaner job. says:

There are numerous problems one must check when cleaning injectors manually.

Leaking. Fuel injectors have individual components – pintles, balls and discs that must be properly sealed while under operating pressure to avoid leaking.
Fuel volume. Injectors need to supply the right amount of fuel under operating pressure.
Atomization. Fuel needs to be under high pressure and atomized properly to provide optimal combustion.
Distribution. The spray pattern of the fuel mixture is extremely important to guarantee safe and efficient combustion.

13 says:

your a legend !!!! thanks

Michael Sakowski says:

How clever!

Anthony Papa says:

why don’t you just put some seafoam in your gas tank. or get a rubber plunger and just drill a hole in it the size of the tube from the spray can

337 Thanks says:

Good tip ! thanks

Mark Nadams says:

Good Ideas – BUT – You should not use the marine heat shrink tubing with adhesive inside. There is a possibility if the adhesive is exposed to the cleaner used, the adhesive could dissolve and get into your injector. You are better off to use the plain heat shrink or just use clamps.

William Munoz says:

nice shirt bro

tribulation138 says:

i would use a fuse and relay to risk damaging injector

P.J. BB says:


Ramiro Pinon says:

The best and complete video I have found regarding this DYI project.
Thanks a lot. Keep doing great stuff

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