CLEAN YOUR ROOM! | 8 New DIY Organizations + Tips & Hacks for Spring Cleaning 2018!

It´s spring and it´s once again time to clean your room! With these 8 new DIY Organizations I came up with for you + Amazing tips & Hacks I promise you will have more fun cleaning and organizing your room than ever! Wihoo, Let´s get organized!

Alright you guys, it´s been one year since I posted my last spring clean my room video, and I´m super excited to be sharing with you guys 8 NEW DIY´s to help you organize your room! First off ill be sharing my favorite way to tackle the messy floor-dirty-clothes problem, which is by creating a DIY laundry basket! Afterwards, I´ll share with you my very cluttered and messy dresser surface, which has so much potential! Therefore I´m in this video showing you how I DIY some organizational triangle boxes which double up as both bookstands and a place to put all my washi tapes, duck tapes, and acrylic paints!

Further on to decorate this area, I added a DIY gold pen holder, as well as a glass marble stand with gold mini jars where I store all the smaller hard-to-organize things in my room! However what about the bigger stuff? Of course, I´ll show you how to make stylish and super cute wooden boxes which you can hide whatever you want in! To spice up the area over my bed, and organize all my thoughts and memories I DIY´ed an amazing pinboard! It´s super easy and affordable to make, and would look great in every color! And lastly, this video includes a lot of cleaning, folding, fast-motion organizing and a bit of humor, ENJOY!

Panduro Hobby has shops in Norway, Sweeden & Demark, and ship from their site to primarily Europe.


How tall r u? I´m 5.7 and a half! (171,5cm)
How old r u? I´m 17! I was born October 18th, 2000!

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DISCLAIMER: This video is a collaboration with Panduro Hobby, however, I would never collaborate with a brand that I didn´t have complete faith and trust in. Panduro Hobby and I have been working really hard and long on this video and many more DIY videos to come! I would never lie about my thoughts on any product or brand, neither would I choose to collaborate with brands that I haven´t heard good recommendations and reviews of. Panduro Hobby and I have been working closely on this collaboration, and believe me, we have so much more fun in store for all of you guys, so get excited!


leak grande says:

I love to have my own room but I am sharing my room with my siblings

Fiona Bering says:

How do you edit your videos?

Catori Oxendine says:

imagine a locker,pull under bed, big and small dresser my room so missy

Kate Kat says:

This is the first video I watched and I already love u

Ajla Hatic says:

If you have basket for clean clothes you can also write on your basket “Talk clean to me” haha! I really like that DIY! You are my DIY Queen!

Ayna Spahic says:

This is the best video I ever seeeeeeeeeeen

The one and only Caitlyn says:

Hold up it is still winter

TheUnrealFairy says:

These are great and all, but I’m so lazy all I can do is watch this and think ” wish my room looked like that……….. Oh well”

Rafael Nguyen Alvarez says:

Your DIY crafts were cute and creative

Analise says:


Abygalelyn says:

What editing app do u use?

Alessa Gonzalez says:

my room*

Veronika Ondrik says:

I love your organisation videos so much! Thank you, these videos help me a lot! ❤

Melani Neira says:


Sierra Sass says:

I used all these hacks I feel like my organization stuff doesn’t last long it’s lasting really long

Peyton W says:

I’m 5’5” and 12 years old

Enis Krasniqi says:

Maybe this is wierd but your eye colour is so amazing!!

Ankita Guha says:

I am your new subscriber

Yassys World says:

I love the area with the big M and the lip painting

leak grande says:

u said hola omg cute

Chloe Bailey says:

Love your hair

Alessa Gonzalez says:

I love your floors

Stacy Paden says:

do have your own apartment?just wandering…

Julianna Lin says:

Wow these organizing tips are great it would definitely help me alot

shazeena diy says:

I love love love  love looooovveee this video

Lexi de la Torre says:

Darn it! This stuff is so cute but I live in the U.S. and I don’t like online shopping.

tamplin777 says:

great job on the video!!!

Estève Faià says:

good traveling

Fiona Bering says:

you should have so many more subscribers. This is the first time im watching your your videos and im already in love!<3<3 (Im from Denmark Scandinavia squad)

bery bara says:

*Where did you just buy all of these organizers?!*

vaishnavi 20003 says:

Your videos are getting better and better every video ….. I guess I’m getting obsessed

Simplyxamy says:


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