CLEAN YOUR ROOM | 7 New DIY Organizations + Tips & Hacks!

It´s spring, and It´s once again time to clean your room! With these 7 New DIY Organizations, + Amazing tips & Hacks I promise you will have much more fun cleaning and organizing your room than ever before!

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In this video I firstly show you me cleaning my room by making my bed, throwing trash, getting my floor back to being a floor and not a 2m wide trash can (hah lol, but it´s true tho). I did it by firstly throwing all trash (papir, plastic, and others) and then sorting the rest into piles of what I wanted to keep, wash, fold, or place somewhere else. Then I proceedes with washing of my nighttable and introducing the first DIY: A to do list, so that you can keep yourself and your life organized!
Further on I showed you guys the top of my dresser (which was a mess).. And i created a full DIY station where i organize my tapes and paint, as well as showcase them. I made a makeup/paint stand and a tape holder using wooden rods. I also decorated with a Chanel picture, and jars filles with small products I didn´t have room for anywhere else! After I decided to show you all how I make my drawer divders using foamboard and fabric! I use that hack in all my drawers, and I´m telling you; once you start to as well, you´ll get addicted!
I proceeded with cleaning off my alex drawer, and showing you my amazing letterboard. It´s been in my room for about a week now, and I cant tell you guys enough how much I actually love it.. It´s amazing. Lastly I got a bin, ironed on some stickers and used it to hide my ugly bathroom supplies, smart right?
So yeah, that´s how i clean and organize my room! None of the DIY´s or organization generally would be possible without the amazing Panduro team and their products, you guys need to check them out!
Love you all, take care!

Panduro Hobby have shops in Norway, Sweeden & Demark, and ship from their site to primarily Europe.


How tall r u? I´m 5.7 and a half! (171,5cm)
How old r u? I´m 16! I was born October 18th 2000!

My vlog channel: MYLIFEBYME
INSTAGRAM: MacerlyOfficial
TWITTER: MacerlyOfficial
FACEBOOK: Macerly09
SNAPCHAT: MadeleineHoen

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DISCLAMER: This video is a collaboration with Panduro Hobby, however I would never collaborate with a brand that I didn´t have complete faith and trust in. Panduro Hobby and I have been working really hard and long on this video and many more DIY videos to come! I would never lie about my thoughts on any product or brand, neither would I choose to collaborate with brands that I haven´t heard good recommendations, and reviews of. Panduro Hobby and I have been working closely on this collaboration, and believe me, we have so much more fun in store for all of you guys, so get excited!


Inseparable AT&MC says:

Can u do a room tour?

Elizabeth Kent says:

your room is so pretty

Suzie Gillis says:

I love you so much love your vids

Karla Graypaw says:

Nice video, i’m not that girl that likes crafting so jeah…but i’m sure it helped a lot of other people! Keep it up.

Eden Jones says:

you. are. GORGEOUS !!!

RichGirlsReact says:

I found this channel a couple weeks ago bc I was searching up room cleaning hacks. I’m glad she still does these 🙂

Elizabeth Pham says:

these make me so so so happy

Kira Hall says:

Where did you get your dresser?

Lifewith Gabby says:

thanks… it helped me a lot…

itsargentina says:

How come she doesn’t have many views but 251thousand subs

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Smol Crybaby says:

You should try the konmarie method !! Please give his a like so she can see this 🙂

Deiar Diy says:

Love you very much


My drawers are so big

Rebeca's WORLD says:

Channel **

Darius Stuckey says:

Do another video about cleaning your room next month and some tips and DIY

KittyCutey12 says:

You look so tall, what is your height? Just askin’

Pallavi Tiwari says:

Awesome video.I also make youtube videos 🙂

Neli Rofsen says:

Kan du norsk

Sofie Zimei Holm says:

Hvor er metall kurven fra? Den i gull <3

Sirinda Vignesh says:

i am 170, 16 born 9.12.2000 and i love your vidsss this inspired me to clean up my room!!!1 more vids like these please :))

Rachelove says:

Your editing is amazing. Love your video

imperfectlyEssa says:

That moment when you have a messier room than her…

Cara Griffin says:

Can u do a room tour?!

Danica Tobber says:


Beautystar101 Waters says:

Anyone wanna subscribe to my channel

Sugar Lightning says:

Can you do a gloser organization video?

Rewind Remix NCS says:


Julia Butler says:

Where did you get your dresser? I love it!

2472ish says:

Who else watches stuff like this but doesn’t do any of them

Megan Wilkinson says:

Cool good thing I never let my room get like that I always keep my room clean

Nora Solberg says:

SÅÅÅ bra video!!<3<3 Men hvordan lagde du den Chanel-boksen? Hvor fikk du produktene fra? Har så lyst til å lage samme! Btw elsker kanalen din! // SOOO good video!! But how did u make that Chanel-box-thing? Where did u find the products? I really want to make a similar one! Btw love you're channel!

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