CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE WITH DIY CLEANERS! 🍋 What’s in my cleaning caddy?

In this clean with me episode, I share ALL of my DIY, cheap & natural cleaners in my cleaning caddy. Thanks to all 129 of you that requested this video! (wow that was a LOT!) 🤗
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Alicia Una Ryan says:

Your cleaning videos are so motivational & inspiring.
Greetings from Kathu, South Africa

Adot Deng says:

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Suzanrubi says:

Want to clean your house AND be gentile on the environment? Then please give this a go:

jitared says:

I was (and in some cases still am) a big user of Clorox and chemicals to clean the house. But then I realized I didn’t like the smell that linger for hours and sometimes for days after I finished cleaning the bathroom or kitchen. Now I look at videos like this one to give me an idea on what DIY products to use and so far my favorite is Vinegar and Dawn. I read hydrogen peroxide is good on mold so that will be my next try. You make cleaning so easy-keeps the videos coming!

Annette Mattson says:

Do you have an email address to contact you at?

Shayla W says:

I have dyslexia. And audible has helped me a ton!

Leslie Fernandez says:

I don’t know why but I am 10 and I am watching this

Lisa Sierra says:

Omg I Love Jill Savage! And thanks for recommending the e cloths, I bought the whole pack and I absolutely love them!! Thank you so much for your recommendations and videos, I’m so thankful for you willingness to share your knowledge with all
of us!!

virgen virgen says:

Where did you get that spinning mop bucket?

hueyburville says:

I wanting your advice to organize a small apartment bathroom and kitchen please

Diana says:

For the floor cleaner, do you rinse with water afterward or just clean it and leave it?

Lana Gerstner says:

Could you please do a diy video on the glade or air wick oil warmers?

Emma Shue says:

Kinda wish your videos were longer

Organizing by Maryam! says:

I recently found white name plate,hanging type labels in the gardening section at Daiso,they are exactly like those u used to label the solutions and with permanent marker u’re good to go but guess what that are actually plastic and not paper like the ones u used,at least they look like paper to me.. check…1:12

Sarah Ryan says:

I love binge watching your videos! So helpful! Would by chance have advice on how to sanitize and clean a leather couch? I see you own a microfiber couch, but I don’t have any microfiber furniture. Thanks!

Chloe Lincoln says:

Omg thanks soooo much for this with two kids 4yrs and 6months i desperately need your tips my house is always a hot mess

Life of Aimée says:

Great video, congratulations on 500K

Pat Gray says:

Thanks so much I am an asthma patient and have been wondering what to use that would not aggravate my asthma. Very informative.

Dee Holland says:

I cannot bend my back very far or my knees to kneel down, so my baseboards and corners get to be a fright!! Is there an easier way than getting down on the floor to clean those areas??? I haven’t been able to find a brush that will clean corners. Even a brush with a pointy front will not get all the way into the corner. I’ve had to hire people in the past, but that gets expensive!! Thanks for your advice .. love your videos .. most helpful!! Dee H

Dala Taylor says:

Hey Kathryn you have such a great personality, I enjoy all of your videos. You motivate me to clean. I am a work Mom, and sickness has been a struggle. I am feeling better now and I wanted to let you know thanks for all of your printables. Keep doing what you do your great at it

scary muffin says:

where is the free printable link?i cant find this printable on the blog either

Emma Rawlins says:

Yassss thank you so much for the encouragement to clean!

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