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Hey everyone! It’s time for a Clean With Me Video! Today we are going to do Kitchen Cleaning DIY’s and Tips and my personal kitchen cleaning routine! I am always looking for new ways to improve my lifestyle and the environment. As a consumer, I feel like we can make a difference with a few simple conscious decisions on what we bring home and use for cleaning. I’m not the perfect eco-friendly person on the planet but I do strive to make an impact to be greener and healthier. I hope to do more of these Clean with Me videos so I can share and inspire you to also live a healthy, conscious and eco lifestyle. In this video, i am going to show you some simple hacks and tricks that you can use to safely clean your house without the use of harsh chemicals. Some of these eco friendly cleaning tips will help you make less of an impact on our planet and give you a nicer environment to cook and eat in! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! I know I would love to have ea clean kitchen(and house)

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Lexy New says:

Thanks for your video! My hysband and I would like to have white kitchen, but our parents think that it isn’t practical, because white kitchen bacomes yellow. What about your kitchen? How ofthen do you clean white furniture?

princek says:

love it, looking forward to more!

b malik says:

you should a video with your son ….. that would be amazing!

Georgia, USA says:

I wouldn’t use this cleaner on any countertops that are made of stone. Marble, granite, and stone do not like having acidic (ie: citrus-based) cleaners used on them. Citrus or vinegar will actually cause “etching” on granite countertops.

Naidza G says:

Happy Mother’s Day


So helpful!! Thanks Ann!

Arianna Danesi says:

for the stove paste you could use vinegar instead of peroxide, it works as good! I use this paste whenever I need to scrub a really dirty surface (the shower plate, the sink,…). I let it sit and wipe it off! 🙂

Sofia Ahmad says:

What is that cleaning device on floor??

jan13kat55 says:

I love your video! You gave great tips ! Thank you for taking the time to show us ♥️

Silvia Nikolova says:

love it! Very helpful, I’d love more videos like this one 🙂 for every room in the house. As a mum is so hard to keep it clean

Adela Zepeda says:

I just clean the kitchen for my ma. since 12 until 2:45a eastern time

Alice Burwood says:

Loved this.. make more of these style videos xxx

EarthTraveller1992 says:

Cleaning, gardening, scrapbooking, al these homey things are always so relaxing to do. Watching someone else clean gives almost the same content feeling. So weird. 🙂

VoNnE GiLiA says:

Love this video! What a nice kitchen you have.

Ines Butterfly says:

My house hold cleaning tip is regarding spills on glass cooktops – if something boils over, normally its milk in my house, I immediately covered it with table salt and let it cool. Then scrub with a clean sponge. Follow with an all purpose cleaner, I use Mrs Meyers, the geranium scented because it also discourages ants/bugs. Happy cleaning!

sanah sindha says:

Hey Ann! I was wondering, do you have any tips for cleaning marble countertops? Will the all purpose cleaner you made work for that as well?

Small Rabbit says:

I really think you’d enjoy a pressure steam cleaner if you try and clean as natural as possible too! I got one half of my oven clean(with at least a year of build up) in under six minutes and all the muck just ran off after a few seconds. Awesome for natural bathroom sanitizing and hard water build up as well, plus countless other uses:3

StariaL says:

omg I was cleaning my kitchen just yesterday and had a lot of cleaning problems that this video addresses. I have to try these tips out sometime, thank you!!

sarahbeauty94 says:

Omg I love this!!! Great series! Can’t wait to see more cleaning videos!

JennieDubbs says:

Hi Anne! Happy Mother’s Day! I loved your video. I am not sure but have you made one specifically about cleaning bathrooms? I would love to see a video on your tips for that area of the household!

Henriette Linkshänderin says:

I really like this kind of videos!

For your stove top you can use baking soda and vinegar, that seems to me a little more natural than peroxide.

How does your vacuum robot deal with long hair?
I would like to buy one but I read that those robots can’t handle long hair.


Anhthu Nguyen says:

I would love a video about your journey to a more natural and simple life!

Sarroura H tun says:

what’s that electronic thing at 5:30 !!!!??

CandaceK007 says:

amazing vid we need more like this!! 🙂

RapnFreshD says:

Does the baking Soda technique only work on metal stoves? I don’t want to ruin my ceramic stove 😛

lammie10 says:

Great tips! Thank you. would you mind sharing your experience with the robotic vacuum? and what surfaces is it good for? Thank you again.

Eva Cocina rosa says:

Uf, I hate the smell of vinegar. And it lasts long after cleanning! I try to found an environmentally friendly alternative, but it’s not easy.

luvsmetallica08 says:

Omg I loved this!!
I’m gonna try all of them! I already use vinegar cleaning my restroom.
Omg you should do a restroom cleaning video 🙂 id loved to watch it

HealthyGroceryGirl says:

Beautiful kitchen!! These tips are great! xx

Anastasia W. says:

Do you put the glass of vinegar while you start the cleaning of the dishes or do you clean the dishes first then another cycle with the vinegar? Trying to not use too many cycles and too much eater. Thanks

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