Chimney Cleaning 101 – How to Clean Your Chimney DIY

If you burn wood for heat, you need to clean your chimney to prevent chimney fires. I’ll show you how to SAVE MONEY by cleaning your chimney yourself. The right tools and a little elbow grease make it quick and easy to clean your chimney.


Chuck Conner says:

My name is Chuck Conner owner of Atlanta Chimney Doctor and I have been in the Fireplace and Chimney business for 27 years now. Trust me you want a CSIA Professional or a Master Sweep Cleaning and Servicing your Fireplace. There are so many components like the Firebox,gaps above the lintel,gaps or cracks in the Chimney Liner itself and much more the could be a fire or even a carbon monoxide hazard if it’s not done by a professional.There should of been a level 2 inspection done with a high definition camera as well. Also a good sweep will help you and get you on a regular schedule to keep this from happening again and being much worse.

JoJanDiezel says:

Please, take care of your chimneys guys, the chimney fire is dangerous. If you ever have a chimney fire, just pour a vinegar where the fireplace is, so the steam of the vinegar can rise up through the whole chimney. It will quickly put down the chimney fire. Usually you don’t need more than 200ml vinegar, but make sure you have at least 1L of it near your fireplace. Pour the vinegar in small steps of 10-20ml so in doesn’t put the fire in the fireplace instantly, you need the heat of it to make a steam from the vinegar.

Stiches says:

I Wanna Clean And Paint a chimney and cut a skeleton bolt on 516 capps lane

myboozjee says:

Thanks for the video. I did it and it was easy.

Amy Young says:

This may be a really stupid question but here goes…. At the end where you were using a shop vac to clean out that trap thingy (like my technical terms?)…. I live in a mobile home and do not have one of these… Is there anything else I need to do besides just use the brush in the chimney in that case?

Tomeka Pompey says:

You may go to woodprix website if you’d like to make it yourself guys.

BrysNightWorld says:

Those brushes are super handy and worth the price. Fiberglass rods 8$ for 4ft? Eh… I Actually went to dollar tree. Bought 3 1$ brooms, Unscrewed the broom part. Tape it all together. Works wonders.

Saturday8pm says:

Several things:

1) Get a sweep the first few times to see how THEY do it

2) Confidence good, proficiency better, safety best – 
learn how to INSPECT the chimney. I don’t know how, 
so, I suggest do #1 first, then do it yourself a coupla 
times, then call a sweep back to INSPECT the chimney

3) YES stay OFF the roof and live, do bottom up

4) Tools. Measure your chimney dimensions twice, buy.
I recommend using a wet/dry vac for cleanup

5) Stove/insert people: Forget code and do the right thing.
Buy a liner ( pipe ) that runs the length of your chimney and 
terminate ( cap ) it at the top. It’s initially expensive but it’s 
the safest guard against fire. Shop for price and make sure 
it’s properly installed. The simple reason is with a liner the 
creosote will line the liner, NOT the chimney. If you have a 
stove or insert, it’s worse. You have to pull the unit OUT of 
your fireplace to get all the matter off the top of the stove 
or that could combust. DON’T SKIMP. A local dealer tried 
to get us to buy a liner that went up halfway. That’s defeating 
the whole point of the liner. The brush will only shoot the 
combustible matter all down the bottom and around your 
stove, creating a dangerous situation

6) Stove/insert people: If you have a terminated liner, you’re 
ahead. Now, measure the diameter of your liner entry point 
by removing a few upper bricks inside the firebox. Measure 
twice! You’ll note soot on top of the bricks – clean them too. 
Replace them. Go match your dimensions with the proper 
sized brush and length extensions and start saving money

7) FINALLY, have it swept professionally every few years 
anyway so a pro can LOOK and inspect the liner! 
This can’t be repeated enough. You DON’T know 
everything to look for – for example, how would 
you know if the liner itself has a breach?

Happy Burning!

– My 2 1/2¢

Amy Young says:

This will be my first time tackling this. I am a DIY in training since my divorce lol

Hal Main says:

Good video

Bhamski Bam says:

As a public insurance adjuster (essentially consumer protection for homeowners insurance claims), Ill handle two or three big fires a year caused by poor maintenance of chimneys. Doing this kind of maintenance is very important.

Zombiez Rule says:

very helpful 🙂 Thank you!

Lolita's Garden says:

Chimney sweep comes over: “Can’t get my vacuum behind your wood stove, have to install $700 clean-out door”

ivan moody says:

i seen some of your joints in the chimney expanded you should put a liner in the chimney plus you’ll get better heat efficiency

Mike Bryant says:

I work for a chimney comp and yes it good if you want to save money and clean it yourself….depending on how old the house is the mortar between the terracotta clay tiles and over time the creosote can deteriorate it and causes holes and gaps and it can get back up behind the tiles and you can still have a chimney fire and over time you should call a chimney company and get a stainless steel liner installed and after that you wouldn’t have to worry about it again but just to clean it.

Rabbid PallasCats says:

i just found out i had a chimney a week or 2 ago by looking at my upper crawl space

Jimmy E. says:

I bought everything I needed at Lowes and found that my chimney was pretty clean already. The only dirty part is just above the fireplace where is widened out and I can’t reach it with anything due to the damper being in the way.

Ana Labao says:

Thanks a lot for this video.

Chimney Top Fireplace Dampers says:

This is an easy and cheap way to clean your chimney cap….

Jostein Martinsen says:

rtpftguy are right, you should wear a mask. Good video!

nastynasinyourarea says:

I am a chimney sweep from upstate New York, he could have cleaned it from up through the ash dump door, just sayin. And at the 2:46 second mark look at the roof. Buy stainless steel chimney caps people or else you will rust stains all over your roof!

mosichat says:

Great video. Now, I’ve gotta get up on my roof.

Shroom Duke says:

Oh yea and DON’T FORGET TO TAPE OFF THE FUCKING FIREPLACE or shit will get all over your fucking house… duh! That fucking nasty ass dust will be all over your floor, carpet, pets, children TV laptop and anything else within 10′ of the fireplace…

kunjidee says:

How many times do you send the brush down?   3 to 5 times sound about right?   I haven’t used my fireplace for over a decade, but we haven’t had it cleaned either, but that looks simple enough to do…

ron clark says:


kmaltz8929 says:

Great video, thanks!


thank you saved me money!

Jonathan Doug says:

I found this information very helpful.

Joanel Read says:

Thank you!

LaRaikaa says:

What should you do if your home has those tall chimney pots? You know, like in an older English styled house?

Norris Mantooth says:

Creosote is TOXIC. Please, wear a ventilator if you choose to do this.

Tim WimWOO says:

good video, but put a mask on dude! creosote is carcinogenic and soot particles are so fine, they get right down into the tiny chambers of the lungs and stay there. Also, if i was really health and safety conscious i’d say put on a harness, but who could be bothered with all that.

Jazmine Simone says:

omigod he is so cute lol

Charles Mccoy says:

I have a chimney that reaches out this high and goes down 2 floors. I use PVC pipe that I put over the extensions that will make it stiff while pushing up and down. Sometimes the long extension added make it hard to move.

Sebastian Niejadlik says:

wtf this chimney is clean already

A- DeR says:

Good video.

Joe Astroturf says:

Thanks for taking the time.

Yanin Arzola says:

Thank you so much Corey! I finally moved into a home with a fireplace and I’m so excited for winter!

Ron Cannera says:

Great information, thanks Corey!

John Connor says:

Wear glasses and a particle mask. And clean off the cap.  Mine was covered in creosote.

Brian Derek says:

Great video, Corey! It’s refreshing to find useful tips presented by someone knowledgeable, friendly, and well-spoken.

Jose Salazar says:

what about the smoke chamber? 

Mateo says:

That is the smallest and funkiest fireplace I’ve ever seen.

Paul Knights says:

Nice clear video Corey. Here’s one I made last weekend showing the cleaning of my external stainless steel chimney here in UK. It was installed only a couple of years ago and has halved my heating bills (previously all electric – no gas here).

John salchichon says:

Hello,Does the damper on bottom have to be open or close?

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