Cheapest DIY Paint Booth Ever – For Spray Painting My Props | Dali DIY

why i need this at home? you may ask
i stay in a 20 floor high apartment, without any outdoor space for me to spray my props, the most well ventilated spot is my balcony, but i don’t want to mess up my nice place with paint overspray (my girlfriend would kill me), so it is logic to make a box which i can spray paint small objects & all the spray paint stays inside the box.
tested – it works 🙂

bleach ichigo hollow mask:
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

HOW to calculate, scale & print PDF template? please watch before you post a question:

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reference & items used in this project:

music from youtube audio library: First_Aid

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CésarGalindo:v says:

Helmet of flash pliiiiss!:)))

Alec Ramirez says:

Great Idea! Thanks

Toxic Panda says:

SOOOOO helpful when I can’t do it in the winter. And around um 2:27? Face!!

Izzat Hakimi says:

can you make kaneki mask from tokyo ghoul

Diego Valdez says:

klassic cyber ninja from mortal kombat please

Hood Cube says:

Just asking, bit can I do it on a driveway with a filther mask on

Kamar Udin says:

the mask you make from cardboard, can we wear?

Maurice Khoo Ren Pin says:

I don’t have a respirator when I’m painting,is it bad?

Chaos_Gaming says:

5th I’m so early lol

dewso witsarut says:

joker bank robber mask

Dali DIY says:

cheapest DIY mini paint “booth” ever 🙂

魂奪 says:


Jooho Kim says:

Hello, could you make something from overwatch?

RomBomb says:

can you do a skyrim iron helmet?

PawelFilm Animations says:

Do you make the clone trooper helmet? Please, make.

《 iKenJiX 》 says:

Might be a long shot but do you think you can make another iron man mask? Your tutorials are so much better now and it’d be awesome to reboot something like that 😀

Mezzoo Jim says:

how did u make ur tagged name on the desk??

Ayden Wallace says:


Terry Myers says:

There is no suction to pull the over spray out of the filters. So you’ll end up w/ all the over spray on your hand and arm…

mohd noumaan says:

good idea

Happy_ Gamer says:

this is cool !!!

kingofcrazyness shiloh says:

I see his face in the rflection

Jrockguy 3 says:

Could you make Deadpool’s helmet and weapons? Nice paint booth btw

Shelden Caudill says:

That is a really good idea! Thanks for showing us. I won’t have to worry about newspapers flying away anymore. XD

Thanan Jayan says:

Pls make a darth Vader mask Dali ur works r great

javid john says:

the flash’s cowl

NearWolf says:

I could see his face

Aaron Simpson says:

idk how useful that is but hey! good 4u

Alejandro Dieppa Rivera says:

que guapo lol

김도윤 says:

OH….. Gooood!

Thagor Lohse says:

Master Chief helmet.

Craig Boyle says:

Really good idea I never thought of this

Stefania Lukito says:

what do you suggest if i don;t have the range hood filter thingy? love all you videos btw! 😀

Toprak Karademir says:


Alejandro Dieppa Rivera says:

ironman neck pdf plis

Rinyotsu says:

I will be making one! this is awesome!

Wallace Silva says:

great idea. this box is small, but i can use a biggest. Thanks by this idea. 😀

Fede Kaltman says:


Beneath Betrayal says:

please do a tobi mask from naruto, btw i have another question, What are the circular holes for on the sides?

Izzat Hakimi says:

can you make kaneki mask from tokyo ghoul

Alejandro Dieppa Rivera says:

que guapo lol

I Am Yeong says:

it could be bigger for more convenient movement hahaha

The Valentin XD says:

ohhh que buen video amigo 😉

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