Cheap DIY Cleaning Kit! (Clean My Space)

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Here’s a super effective and easy-to-assemble DIY cleaning kit that features some of Melissa’s favourite cleaning products which are not only natural, but tough enough to handle virtually any mess that your home has to offer!


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Phyllis Flax says:

what are your microfiber cloths called to oeder them

Pink Poodle Craft Studio says:

My Homemade Thieves essential oil cleaner! Couldn’t live without it!

Kristina Duncan says:

arm&hammer washing soda! love that stuff!

Tabitha says:

my go to is vinegar baking soda and dish soap i clean my home with these main ingredients and i learned from you best choice ever my lower back thanks you I’ve been cleaning like this for 3 years and love it

Keknegen kai says:

3:47 that cat dig that roll

Kaylea Bouttell says:

where do you get your spray bottles from x

Angi Simon says:

I noticed that you have a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. Why do you suppose they are so uncommon in appliance stores? Also,my DH has a gazillion small jars of condiments. I doubt he would miss them if I discreetly tossed a few.

Carla Pickett says:

pine sol

Natalia Sinelnik says:

Melissa, with the micro-fibre cloths, do you wash them in your washing machine + dryer after every use? I live in an apartment building that has shared laundry machines in the basement so it’s not super convenient to wash my cloths all the time – so I mainly use them for drying dishes after I hand wash them. Should I have one for mirrors/glass, one for kitchen, one for dishes, etc. How do I organize / clean them? What do you suggest?

Eunice Sandoval says:

has anyone had any problems with essential oils mixed with vinegar and water ? doesn’t it leave it streaky ?

TV Corazon Latino says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t hydrogen peroxide stain some surfaces?

Jill Johnson says:

needed that idea

Anastasia Edwards says:

Do you use ammonia or bleach?

Cozy Heat N Air LLC says:

I clean with bleach everywhere.

Nisrine G. says:

How and how often do you wash your micro fiber towels? thanks

itsmjoin says:

When she says the all purpose cleaner is just soap and water, does she mean dish soap?

Lydia Carawan says:

Melissa Maker how can I get grease out of my beautiful burgundy rayon top, I’ve tried the new winded that has grease relieve and I’ve tried Blue Dawn, any suggestions? it was going to be my favorite go to shirt this summer. so any help would be appreciated! thank you in advance!

Alex says:

How long will the toothbrushes that you use for cleaning last?

Mithila Das says:

Hi Melissa,
What is the best product to clean wooden floor? I try to mop it with clorox/soap-water(1:3) but once it is dry the floor becomes kind of sticky. I have a toddler home and have to clean my floor every now and then, but I dont like the sticky feel of the floor.

Can you suggest anything?

Sue Sellers says:

how do you get hair dye off painted over paneling?

t Baby w says:

I am absolutely in love with this channel. i am a new subby! i’m following all your channels… thank you soo much for this channel

Nisrine G. says:

Another thiing, there are cup and plates stains on my white kitchen counter (it’s a type of rock, not sure how to call it), I tried the baking soda tip, vinegar and basically most things i could find and nothing helps; i would appreciate any tips, merci!

Joanna Trujillo says:

how about carpet cleaning

Stacy Greene says:

Forgive me if you’ve answered this question before, but what are your thoughts on cleaning with only microfiber and water? There is a popular microfiber brand that claims you can only clean with water and has silver embedded in it.

Daniel Millard says:

Brasso (or metal polish) is an amazing product that cleans so much more than metal. I will note it is a stripper so some varnishes and finishes don’t mix well with it.

Miladiz Ozuna says:

I like your product and the multiuse spray.

Taylor Gries says:

do u use glass botteles or plastic botteled

Chass Whipps says:

soap and water or vinegar

Stephanie Hapka says:

I love using soft n scrub …

love2000amglam says:

「tool caddy」って日本語でなんと表しますか?
ホームセンターに行ったらスタッフが説めでも分からなかったんで、絵を描いたら こういうのがないって言われました。日本でどこで買えるでしょうか?

Angie Kieliszewski says:

When you lint brushed your cat’s head I about died 😛 I do that too as a fellow crazy cat lady.

Diana Dominguez says:

Clorox cleaning wipes, sprays are my go to!!!!!

Charlene Antoine-Pitterson says:

you can’t pick up hydrogen peroxide easily in the uk unfortunatly.

Anne Brewitt says:

I love microfiber cloths, trouble is so do my boys, so mine are always going missing. I also love White vinegar for cleaning and usually use half vinegar and half water, with lemongrass essential oil. For the extra greasy areas, I add a drop of fairy washing up liquid to the same amount of vinegar and water. For keeping away spiders, I use the same amount of vinegar and water with added peppermint oil. If you spray this round your windows and doors, it keeps the spiders away and also I spray on the wall around my bed. You do have to keep this up though as after a week or so, the peppermint wares off.

its Rin Rin 〈3 says:

Method all-purpose cleaner.

schmidtfaced says:

baking soda and a lemon

Anastasia Edwards says:

Do you use the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide that most people keep in their medicine cabinet or do you use the 35% food grade that is extremely strong?

Andy Meholick says:

Are the Maker’s Microfiber Cleaning Cloths available in US stores? Living in Chicago, about to move with my boyfriend to a new apartment and want to use the best products to clean our new home before moving in! We are low on funds and I’m trying to avoid shipping costs.

Jushy Cent says:

Should I use Super vinegar (cleaning vinegar) or just regular vinegar?

Penny Dean says:

I really like your video and would like to feature it on my website April’s Household Tips & Tricks. I can include a reference to your site for more information.

Candice Tysick says:

not necessarily my go-to cleaning product. but a great deal are the knock-off magic erasers from dollarama. just when I think I can’t scrub the bathtub anymore it’s clean instantly

what would you recommend for getting a rust ring off a tub?

Sandra Jimenez says:

Where do you buy your essential oils from?

Keknegen kai says:

we surprisingly like to use Persil (it’s actually a dry laundry product) but it works awesome on glass like vases and surfaces (makes them shiny!) and we use “Schmierseife” (it’s like a all purpose soap for the house) for the floor, a wood cleaner (for wooden furniture) and window cleaner for windows and as an actual disinfectant, since ours has a high alcohol content heh

Toni Sim says:

What do you use for mopping the floor?

Mohamd Gani says:

Can we wash microfiber clothes used for different purpose (including bathroom) together. Am asking this question as I don’t feel comfortable in washing them together

Jonathan Lopez says:

awesome video! helped me get my kit together

kristinparkermusic says:

Love your videos! This was super helpful!

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