BYOT #1 – DIY: Tile Painting

Bring Your Own Tools (Episode #1) delves into refinishing tile flooring in an unconventional way. Why demo out the old tile and spend a considerable amount more on new tile when you can just paint over the existing.

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akAsha6E6D says:

what about if the tile is already NON gloss -ROUGH surface?i have tiles where iam renting that are in terrible condition,teh surface is not smooth,full of small little holes,plus it always spits off dust..when i mop…its so rough that even my mop sort of get worn out!
do i still sand down?can you not use the roller to paint the paint on?rather than brush? how do u clean it?by the video was gr8!

christine c says:

any update on how this is holding up? peeling, chipping, etc?

Chuck Spencer says:

Question BYOT (might be a stupid one) do you think this would work over terrazzo floors?

Leigh Meacham says:

Hi. Great video. Am going to do this in my kitchen with black paint. Is primer necessary or will it be ok if the tile is sanded correctly?

BDB says:

I’m thinking of doing the same but painting my tile black. I want to do an all black theme

Lily Larkin says:

Hi Brent. Keep it up you are entertaining and hip! I will be painting bathroom tile walls and perhaps floors of a small vacation home I am buying soon. Thank you for the tips…Best of Luck!

Dhcr Smith says:

He Didnt Just Cover a Perfect Slate Floor ? Omg Nooooooooo

YorkEastEnd says:

Thanks for the video! I followed your lead EXACTLY! Except i used black paint. – We have a woman’s bathroom in our office, i was quoted $600+ to do this job!!! So I took a Sunday and did it myself with your guidance, it looks great!! Thanks again!

David Elder says:

Have you thought about going back painting the grout line?

jenn e says:

I appreciate knowing how to do it so thanks so much … But I got to say omg I love the vintage floor that hurt to watch you paint it!—lol !!!

Dee Trigg says:

Sorry correction>>So many dumb vid makers DONT tell us where to purchase product. What color their using ( just in case I love the color)…so details are necessary ….bye..butt crack is ALLL GOOD…LOLOLOL..(see check on those details..lolol)

Maria Paul says:

Thanks for the video, I will also be getting rid off my ugly tile color!

Ricky Vazquez says:

great video! very useful.

MrWazola says:

Thanks for the video!  I will tackle my “ugly ass” kitchen tiles.   Easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either lol


great video!!! and you are vary handsome .

Joan Riley says:

good project but floor not looking too good. didn’t work out well.

Ellen Mancini says:

Ive been looking for someone who is encouraging about painting tile. Everyone else says “no way”, but you have given me some hope that this could work. Definitely worth a try. Thanks!

Joan Tardiff says:

Thank you for a most informative video. I have a patio table with tile inserts. They are black, gray and ugly. Want to paint them white. Can the floor paint you used be used on this kind of surface? We of course would use place mats when food is served.

robert hingston says:

The tiles look fantastic painted

theaichele8 says:

If you buff the floor, can the paint be removed and returned to relatively to what the tile looked like originally? Or once it’s done there’s no going back? We have hideous flooring in our townhouse, and we are allowed to do anything as long as if the owner doesn’t like upon moving out she can have it returned to how it was prior…

Century 21-Mid State Realty The Southern Homes Team says:

Great video. Can you paint the grout?

April says:

Thanks for this! Do you think this would work on the god awful terra-cotta tiles in my screened in porch?

Rowdy Girl says:

Just what I needed to see !! Now I can paint over the nasty color tile the previous put in .. thank you !!!!

veronica slaughter says:

can I paint a bathroom floor the same way? Loved the video.

Frank Ortega says:

Did you add a polyurethane coat to seal it? Just asking. Will it chip if you don’t?

nadine barela says:

been looking for a video on this for my kitchen tile. is there a top coat that can be used for this for extra durability?

Linda Miles says:

This is very helpful, thank you. Sorry, I didn’t notice the butt crack.

DJL S says:

tile paint unavailable. Can i use berger satin enamel / enamel

Ghadh A says:

Gloomy color

Chris says:

Did you ever paint the white border to have the pop of color ? Is so what did it look like ?

Spiny Norman says:

Great vid! Can you censor your butt crack though? I can’t watch with a boner.

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