Beginners Acrylic Painting Lesson DIY Tutorial + Win This Painting

Teaching video for beginners on painting with Acrylic. So many new Subscribers! One more week until I announce the sketchbook page winner (or 2 winners if I get to 250 Subs!) Subscribe to enter my Giveaway! Thank you for watching, Check out my Links!

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Suzume Yosano says:

can you do moooore tutorials? ;;; acryl would be awesome ♡

Shay Ward says:

I’ve watched this video a few times (I’m an acrylic artist and i particularly enjoy doing forests.) I was wondering what kind of sketch book you use?

Lord Trashinator says:

I used to not like painting that much because I could never make it work, but you’ve inspired me to experiment more with colour! Thank you!

Liz Widner says:

Nice! Love it! Thank you for this! 🙂

Evelyn Rose says:

I’m a new subscriber & I LOVE YOUR ART OMG
btw 8:10 you remind me of Juno :3

Hiname Chan says:

I think im not good enough as an artist…

Ayna Fu says:

soooo happyyy i found youuu ^o^

creative arts says:

woow you r awesome…

Jocelin Red says:

your work is so good

Demboy Gumboc says:

what kind of sketchbook is this?

Ainsley Gibbons says:

Can you please do a tutorial on how to do the trees

Harmonyx says:

“Win this painting”

OOOOH It’s so pretty! I hope I can win this … 🙂

*sees date: 1 jul. 2016*
*current date: 2 march 2017*

Yeah I think I’m a bit late though

TransBoyJay says:

Can you do a video on color theory? The way you explain things sinks in my brain really well lol

Molly A says:


Nikita T says:

What sketchbook did you use?
Great video!

victoria garcia says:

I love how foggy it turned out

Rosa - says:

It’s incredible how fast your channel grew! 250, now at 34k good shit!

Esteban Martinez says:

this was really cool, it reminded me of a sunset in a burned down forest. mixing yin and yang, beauty and ugly.

Lauren twistedpeppermint says:


Yūgao Tsunami says:

THE ENDING IM DYING- I love your art ♡^♡ and youre hilarious omg

Ngoc Tram Nguyen Vu says:

Thank you very much, you really make my day!

Olivia says:

I love your channel! You and bayleejae have the best art channel I my opinion, you do mostly oil paints, and she uses copics/water colour paints. 🙂 <3

Kaja D says:

wiee i just watched so many videos of yours! what kind of sketchbook is this?

Mr. Tree Frog says:

Wish you did digital art. But every time I see your videos I want to get into oil painting or acrylic.

Kikooi says:

you. are. so. AMAZING!

watchingmisskel says:

The tape tip has changed my life. I really enjoy watching you and this is a great tutorial – any chance you’ll do a watercolour one??

Andrea Bryant says:

It’s so nice to see you don’t need to buy expensive supplies to make quality pieces.

TinySeckinger says:

I literally paused your video as soon as I saw your sketch book and brought out my paints! I feel so good im soo happy i found you! i was stuck not making art for so long but you have totally inspired me to start painting pretty fall trees! your work is so amazing <3

ela opossum says:

loved the scary part! 😀

Ooi SoonWei says:

WOW! I just learn acrylic paint this is biggest help .

Lourdes Wahl says:

This is first day I found this channel and I subscribed (she is good tho).

TrOuTster5 says:

Pretty cool. I tried those craft paints, but had trouble mixing them.

Iodine Kaida says:

Let’s be friends….. you are too funny with your art girl.

Jhulisabel Feliz says:

im super happy i found you! <3 learning so much

Anna Cagle says:

That looks so cool o.o

didier schewe says:

Freaking love your art/tutorial. Going to buy you art very soon!!!

Christina Blackmore says:

Thank you for the Tutorial, i’m still pretty new to acrylic but…i will give it a go. 🙂

James B says:

Beginner question…your sketchbook that you use oil/acrylic paint on, is that gesso’d? Or DIY?

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