All Purpose Cleaner – Day 12 – 31 Days of DIY Cleaners (Clean My Space)

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DIY All Purpose Cleaner!

One of the most basic yet simple cleaning products you can make! You’d normally spend $4 on a bottle of this stuff, instead make your own for pennies!










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Vacuum Dyson V6 Absolute:
Cleaning Caddy:
Essential Oils:
Barkeepers Friend:
Spray Bottles:
Tide Free & Gentle Detergent:
Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap:
Cascade Dishwasher Detergent:
Oxo Squeegee:


Metsfan Foreves says:

do we need to use that oil u used?

Michelle Romero says:

This series of DIYs is so repetitive.

xWebbyJoe says:

She shakes that bottle like she’s jerking someone off Ha!

Laiba Ali says:

First like and comment!

Christie Bullard says:

You could also use castile soap instead of dish detergent to keep it more natural. That’s what I use.

Lisa mccown says:

Is there a purpose for tea tree oil? Or is just her scent preference? I would think one of the benefits to doing it your self is to have a more pleasing scent.

heavymechanic2 says:

Its funny because I use dish detergent for general cleaning and degreaser on the tough stuff in a commercial kitchen… Some of the comments indicate this is *counter-top cleaner* which makes sense because its more about marketing than having a hundred different formulations as an APC… Sometimes I use car wash soap to break down grime such as on the door, vinyl siding and other neglected areas.

L Lawliet says:

All-purpose cleaners sell for CA$2 at Walmart or CA$1.25 at Dollartree. If you have to spend $1 for a spray bottle, buy a spray bottle that’s already filled with cleaner!

Adis Babaca says:

i should marry you because you’re genius smart and always came with new ideas better than organic sale in stores ^^ you’re really genius you rule girl i love you’re videos every single one of them you’re the best good job girl you’re true life saver <3

Jesus Saves says:

I clicked on the link to get the full recipe, I got an error message instead. 🙁

Nazly Lucía Cóttiz Céspedes says:

This is the same recipe as your “everyday countertop cleaner”

SpringMommy says:

This is the same recipe as your “everyday countertop cleaner”. Have you gone away from adding rubbing alcohol to your countertop cleaner? If so, why?

Sophia KK says:

May I know whether we need to use a clean watery cloth to rinse it off? Thx!

Diana N says:

This is my cleaner that I keep on my kitchen sink at all times. I swear by it. Love these videos.

TeaRoseLover says:

Thanks. Do you have a granite cleaner recipe?

Malia Kepaa says:

imma try this one thanks<333

MROLLIE60 says:

Where do you find tea tree or other oils? Thanks in advance

V 뷔 says:

This is the same recipe as the everyday countertop cleaner… Why is that?

Gnar The Missing Link says:

this is so good! where can you buy essential oils?

Susan Velez says:

I put alcohol in mine I thought you did that oh no

Athenalovexoxo says:

Again I love how simple and quick these all r 🙂

Nur Syafiqah Lee says:

hey melissa, do u have any substitute to essential oil? it is a little bit harder to find them in my country. thank you.

K Julieeya says:

i love all of your videos!

Jessica G says:

hey, do I have to add the essential oil or is it optional?

Marriage & Motherhood says:

Can you use Rosemary oil instead of tea tree?

Laiba Ali says:

Am I the only one that HATES the smell of tea tree oil? It’s so strong and causes headaches for me

Erin Fischer says:

If I don’t have essential oil, can I use olive oil? Is the oil just for the scent?

Metsfan Foreves says:

do we need to use that oil u used?

Brittany Raquel Barth says:

You have many different recipes for all purpose cleaner. Some have vinegar, some have rubbing alcohol. Which one is more effective?

Momina Faisal says:

Can you make a video on safe ways to clean leather !LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

Lori Crowley says:

#MROLLIE60 Walmart and Target have them

erinlover100 says:

Do we have to add essential oil or could we just use water and dish soap???

itslinda71 says:

Tea tree oil is toxic to cats and dogs. You shouldn’t use essential oils around pets.

twin falls says:

i need sum dik

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