A Winter Dream: DIY Painting Tutorial | ANN LE

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Follow your own path. Don’t stray from your true path. Today is the LAST DIY OF THE YEAR!!! Can you believe it? After reflecting on this year with the New Years coming up, I realized the number of times that I have strayed from my path and needed to refocus. Also, watching the new movie Into The Woods really reinforced what I am talking about today. Today’s DIY painting is a reflection of the need to focus on the path to prevent getting lost in the woods. Sometimes other people, some with good intentions, some maybe without, “offer” their opinions on how you should lead your life. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them will lead you astray as only you know what your true path should be. Whether it’s pursuing your passion, starting a business, following a degree path, or finding a love life, only you can dictate what you are to do and what makes you happy. Remember, to love others, you must love yourself first. For me to get where I am today was not easy and there were many that have tried to lead me astray from my path. Many who laughed at me when I said I make videos on YouTube. Many who rolled their eyes at when I wanted to pursue fashion and art. Even my own parents who compared me to my other siblings. All the while, I just kept my head down and focused on what I wanted to do. It’s easy to get distracted and fall off the path. Follow your path. Focus on yourself and your inner development.

LINK to my PINTEREST and the Tree Photo : http://www.pinterest.com/LifeAnnStyle (It’s in my “ART” board – Follow my Pinterest 😉

I will see you guys next year!! =)

“Sometimes people leave you
Halfway through the wood
Others may decieve you
You decide what’s good
You decide alone
But no one is alone” – Stephen Sondheim, Into The Woods

Ann Le / Anneorshine

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Safa Purple says:

Ur words r very inspirational

kazoo kid says:

I found the picture 😀 https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/157344580703048313/ I’m going to paint it ♥ I love You :*

nekepaul says:

I love all your diy and paintings

John Smith says:

if you dont mind… can i try to paint a replica of this painting? by the way GREAT BABY JESUS ITS BEAUTIFUL!!

Jannat Riya says:

I love your art style❤️❤❤️❤❤

Jayshree Sharma says:

I love the way you blend the colors and the way you are connected to your painting. It’s really inspiring.

Lucky Ducky says:

You should try watercolor 🙂

Talya Taylor says:

That is amazing. I really want do paint this but i could not find the photo of trees on the link you shared.

Ehpaw DIY says:


Tracy Tessa says:

thank you for sharing,,, and your words of wisdom, about not worrying about other peoples opinions of our paintings

QT Creep says:

When you watch DIY’s and never do them because your not talented…..

Micah James says:

that is amazing omg

SewIsabel says:

Thanks for the nice YouTube video. I just bought some paint by numbers for stress relief and to help with focus/meditation and hopefully decoration. Really like the meaning of the painting. Found it inspiring and encouraging and refreshing. I do have issues not focusing on my own path and the painting helps ground and refocus me. Some of the tips and watching the painting come together will help me when I complete the paint by numbers. Painting is a meditation.

Nur Dilek says:

When you doing new diy painting tutorials?

Fraizy Channel says:

Was I watching some spiritual video??

Tiffani Ntanos says:

damn girl you’re amazing!!

David Astry says:

Your really bad at explaining things

Cece says:


Running With A Palette Knife says:

I am so glad that I am not the only one that films painting videos with a dog on my lap lol

Cindy Chambers says:


Jade Alexis says:

This was so beautiful! Your narrating is amazing and i love all you representations!:)

IrishRebel1981 says:

I wish this would have been more of a tutorial. Its such a lovely painting.

ChomPoo's ขอร้องอย่าตอบเม้น says:


Merryjr Crafts and Gaming says:

you are an amazing artist!

Lianna Castellanos says:

I loved this vid

Haifa Sadiq says:

Oh my god I’m mind blown right now. I just came here searching for inspiration and I saw this and I’m speechless. Subscribed. Keep up the good work

Elionette says:

Bob Ross is alive and well

Janice Willey says:



Anika Siuda says:

This is amazing.. thank you

c ッ says:

I have been watching all your painting videos and I’m getting so so soon inspired I’m gonna paint <3

Ilona Pulianauskaite says:

hello, liked and subscribed can you please do same for me :)))))

Saskia - says:

I was about to remake this painting myself, but the link to the picture isn’t right. I can’t see any pins. I’m pretty disapointed because I was really ecxcited to paint this painting myself

isabel ruiz says:

this is stunning!

BeingCat-thyaswhoiam says:

is this acrylic or oil paint???

Jasmine Hyder says:

can you plz name the colours you used

Bashed Rahman says:

please give me this slwoly please please please..then l’ll try for

Fina says:

Thought I was watching a painting tutorial.. not introduction to boring BS with a chapter on blahblahnobodycares

Koey LNYi says:

beautiful work and cute dog :3

Agasia J Selas says:

i agree with yr concept….i do paint and am kind of person which reflects in this painting

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