A DIY hack for cleaning your tub???!! Let’s try it out.

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Julie Keenum says:

Try oven cleaner or baking soda & vinegar. Use a scrub brush or a Mr clean magic eraser.

Rhonda Wymer says:

Will it clean the inside of microwaves. Ours gets a little dirty with splatter but I’ve been putting a soapy sponge in the microwave. I “cook” the sponge on high for 1 minute. When the sponge is clean and sterilized, I wipe the microwave down with that sponge. I ambjust curious how well that would would being sprayed inside a microwave.

Robin Gaffner says:

ur glaze is wore off

Chancy Byford says:

actually I have saw videos of people using regular white vingear and it works. I’m going to try it with regular vingear if that dosent work then I’ll do the cleaning vingear

Pam Semones says:

Use a scrub brush.

bowler8 says:

it doesnt work

Bret Ames says:

I have found sometimes that if you put a hot liquid into a spray bottle it somehow damages the spray mechanism.

Lynn Beers says:

need to use a scrub brush

Barbossa says:

You can try using a paste comprised of baking soda and water. You would leave it for 5 minutes and then scrub it off.

Randy Carey-Walden says:

Cleaning vinegar is not different from other white vinegar, regardless of what the label says. Regular white vinegar comes in 4% or 5% acidity. Cleaning vinegar is 6% acidity for 3 times the price.

Key J-M says:

Tech us how to clean those grimy…rusty…shower door bottoms!! yuk.
I am about to but a bottle (baby) brush

mary vredeveld says:

u know i bet this would kick ass inside that yucky radiation posion box as well….. just sayin’

Norma Jones says:

Regular white vinegar and regular blue Dawn (not the concentrated stuff) works best. Did t his work for you later?

Sandra Shepard says:

Vinegar is an acid and that is why it works. The cleaning type is stronger than plain white vinegar but plain white vinegar is great too. You will also get the best shine on any glass with vinegar.

rebekahc47 says:

i always use baking soda with mine and it works a lot better

Crystal Tinsley says:

will this work with regular white vinegar?

Kathleen Smith says:

our acrylic tub and surround had gotten worse and worse —so dingy and lime water streaks everywhere–we tried soft scrub–kitchen cleanser–mr clean eraser–degreaser–CLR—tilex—and mean green—they did help a bit but not enough to clean the tub to where we were satisfied —I went to YouTube and found this video and thought we would give it a go–used plain white vinegar and dawn–Heated in microwave for 1 min and poured it in a plastic spray bottle–applied and left it alone for 45 min—came back and lightly scrubbed with one of those plastic dish scrubbers from the dollar store and hoy cow does it look good!—we were afraid we were gonna have to replace tub and surround but it looks fabulous!!! thank you for this video —now our tub need never look that way ever again!

Lorena Sandoval says:

How can she stand there and continue talking with all those fumes?! I tried this and the fumes and the smell made me run out of the bathroom! Dawn plus vinegar is a very strong smell! Didn’t work for me.

Dont Tread on Me says:

This works but if the soap scum is mixed with hard water stains it might take 2 or four times cleaning to get it all

loveCuitlahuac says:

I tried this, I used more vineger (regular) and it was magic. I use a black soap for ecsama and it leaves a horrible black film, this took it off with no trouble. thanks for the video, plus the fixtures shine.

EC4400 says:

home depot purple bottle of Zep industrial strength calcium, lime, and rust remover works great on stubborn stains. Good luck and happy holidays.

Amanda Jarrett says:

my squirt bottle just broke

Chastity Huffman says:

I use scrubbing bubbles and a magic eraser it leaves your tub sparkling clean.

Qiana Wilson says:

I originally saw a video similar to this on Facebook. The vinegar concoction works, I clean my tub everyday. I use the concoction about once per month and I do let it sit for an hour, you may have to use a little elbow grease but it definitely works.

bowler8 says:

food hanging around in the microwave grosses me out

Key J-M says:

Gurl!!! you just taught me “cleaning vinegar”!!!!

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