7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

7 Genius Ways to Get Rid Of Ants! — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWyWnA3GojI

Learn 7 awesome life hacks to quickly clean your bathroom, leaving it looking shiny and new! Many common household items can be used to clean up even the worst messes and stains so save your cash.
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BoiledWorms Productions says:

atleast he isn’t like complicated like Mr gear who thinks his life hacks are easy

Space Doge says:

You have 3 hands?!? :O

Avocadoroll says:

The dryer cleaning hack would have been nice to know sooner before my laundry room caught fire. Now I know why.

TheMDGamer says:

I accidentally shattered my phone.

Who cares, use vinegar.

Connor Courtoies says:


KJAAN says:

Where do you get the newspaper?

guyinthecorner says:

That last tip sucked…

MarzNet256 says:

If your toilet bowl has stubborn hard water stains and/or other residues: Turn off supply line, flush, and use a sponge to get as much residual water out of bowl and tank. Then use about a gallon of white vinegar, some in tank, but most in bowl. Let sit for at least 24hrs, preferably 48hrs. A toilet brush should work from there. For really stubborn/thick mineral deposits, use a piece of wood (chopsticks work well) to scrape off the scale (don’t use metal, it will scratch the enamel). Then flush and it should look brand new.


The smell is vinegar.

Shikeya McDonald says:

but who’s bathroom gets this nasty??

Elinor Johansson says:

I usually pour some vinegar, bicarbonate and maybe some lemon in my toilet and let it sit for the night until I need a late night pee. I barely have to scrub…

Filmmaker J says:

Gahhd Damn, VINEGAR

Rosena Ashley says:

Want a company that knows all the tricks? Want a sparking bathroom? #Cleanhome Ruby’s Cleaning Service can get your entire home clean in no time! #HouseCleaning

Cyborg Durmy says:

The mysterious stain looks like crap

johanna burton says:

I love you so much thank you so much for your videos


This comments, cracked me up, I cant even look it them.

ChefZilla SavAGE says:

love it

Lance Hookom says:

If you clean with straight vinegar you know what it’s gunna do? It’s gunna make you whole fucking bathroom smell vinegar

Evan Carew says:

Yaaooo im a yute and i fuck with this heavyyy good shit

Flutterby 84 says:

These tips were brilliant! Thank you!

Sandra Jackson says:

I hate the smell of vinegar and it makes anyone standing next to me when I am smelling it, look so much more unattractive.

Karrie L says:

Where can you buy elbow gress lol

Alex cole says:

But it works

Chris Diehl says:

If your lint mesh is in the back of your dryer you don’t have to worry about it catching on fire that much.If your lint mesh is in front of your dryer suggest opening the front bottom panel and vacuum underneath remember to disconnect the dryers electricity.

patricia howell stegall says:

great idea! thanks … watching for more videos

Dominic DePalma says:

Yea let me just have a random ass lemon to clean my shower handle with.

Murilo Andretta says:

Was that a Rick & Morty reference!?

Robert Fleming says:

succing power

Sunset Rider says:

What’s so special about the newspaper print combined with the black tea? Why does it work?

Kali Y says:

All I could pay attention to was the buffalo bills cup

Katherine Canon says:

now remember use a old tooth brush no your family members unless it was their turn to do the cleaning lol

Cynthia Crowley says:

The “natural” methods do NOT work as well or smell as nice as pro product(s). It’s ok for things that are new or very lightly used.

Fausto Robalino says:

I use vinegar for mirrors and window cleaning… it’s awesome!

Sahara Bahadori says:

what lucky bitch married this guy.. 🙁

Shoona Mee says:


Maranda Nelson says:

wash ur dryer lint screen with warm water n dish soap…and dry…. will make your dryer work like new again….

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