7 DIY Household Cleaners

Learn how to make the cleaners here: http://bzfd.it/2zQou6g

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ZoeTheUnicorn Queen says:

3:20. That’s 5 ingredients, not two

Laiba Nadeem says:

I liked first!!!!!

CurryRice19 says:

I shall clean the house today…right after I watch The Punisher…

gloria mackenzie says:

music is awful,awful, good video

larista davis says:

What was in the bathtub?

lois lane says:

Yep because I want my house to smell like vinegar

Karina Miziolek says:

Reply if you got here within the first 5000 views. Edit: No cyberfights, please!

Kayla Fultz says:

Tried the stainless steel cleaner from first hack, didnt work

maryam960 says:

That grated soap triggered me. I want to eat it. PARMESAN!!!!!

Laughter ka Adda says:

Video: don’t buy cleaners make your own
Me: oh wow
Video: (shows diys)
Me: oh you say not to buy cleaners but then I have to keep buying that irritating vinegar

Andy Chen says:

Please DO NOT make these laundry pods! I know it seems very appealing. It’s cheap, eco-friendly, but SOAP is terrible both for your clothes and your washer! Soap is meant for nonporous materials, like plates or tabletops. They rinse cleanly from them because there’s nothing to get trapped into. Fabric however is porous, so unless you are either BOILING the soap out of your clothes or rubbing and scrubbing the soap out of clothes on a washboard for ages, that soap will never rinse out. All the dirt, bacteria, and grime the soap collects and binds to, stays in your clothes and if you keep using soap, it just keeps building up. You’re putting your skin in contact with all that dirt if you use soap. A modern washer will never be able to boil water or agitate your clothes as harsh as a washboard can, and thus it needs a modern cleaner: detergents. Detergents are designed for porous materials and they rinse cleanly, assuming you didn’t overdose on the detergent. That’s why washers can be as gentle as they are. It’s not concerned about trying to scrub out soap (which it can never do) but instead, it can worry about scrubbing out stains (which it can do). Look, I know detergents seem scary, but chemophobia is a big problem in this society. We think everything with a weird name is scary. If I told you to avoid (5R)-[(1S)-1,2-Dihydroxyethyl]-3,4-dihydroxyfuran-2(5H)-one, you should be concerned not with the name, but with me because I’m condoning scurvy, because (5R)-[(1S)-1,2-Dihydroxyethyl]-3,4-dihydroxyfuran-2(5H)-one is vitamin C. Long names should never be a reason for avoiding something. Now if you can’t use normal laundry detergents because you have skin problems or you’re concerned about the prominent use of petrochemicals, you can find gentle and eco-friendly out there. If it’s cost, there are many cheap detergents that have high reviews. There are things you can and should diy, like dishwasher pods, but leave laundry detergent out of it.

Leonard The Cat says:


Larry Black says:

Who’s here before 1,000 views?

Peanut says:

Would anyone happen to know what the difference between baking soda and washing soda is?

tah22039 says:

when they added the (cheese) soap and the (flour) washing soda I thought they were making a tasty video

Laiba Nadeem says:


Your Friend says:

Who let’s their bathtub get that dirty????

ZoeTheUnicorn Queen says:

Honestly, you can buy the generic brands of cleaners at the dollar store.

Caca del Prado says:

i can smell the vinegar from here

Denise Perez says:

Doesn’t vineger stink thou?

tah22039 says:

1:39 – soooo pretty

Meredith Moham says:

10views 12 likes like what

Hayden says:

yo just like go to the store and buy some cleaning supplies? like what??

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