7 DIY CLEANERS | My Favorite Natural Cleaning Products!

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Who doesn’t love to save time and money? Well, DIY cleaners do both of these things, so they’re a staple in our cleaning kit here at the CMS HQ. In this video, I share with you 7 of my favorite natural DIY cleaning products that you can make at home for pennies!

DIY Shoe Powder: https://youtu.be/puY95GLo7vU

All About Mops: https://youtu.be/NG8fMDaJ3ic

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Hi Melissa, Would you recommend using castile soap instead of Dish soap for laminate floor? What about essential oils for smell?

Stacey Morgan says:

I have three teen girls, so we are very experienced with foot odor and dirty shoes! I will try these ideas. The females in the house have much worse foot odor than the male in the house (and that includes the female German Shepherd)!

Olito Nottero says:

great, thanks!

Geri Vasquez says:

I place shelves in my dishwasher for a relatively quick thorough cleaning. I haven’t seen any harmful results. What do you think of this method?

Fran Post says:

How long do these last? Once a bottle is concocted? So come one to our house give it a good clean, I’m a great babysitter, and I PROMISE i’ll keep up the maintenance and keep it clean. PS I make a great lasagna.

Every day people Somewhere in the world says:

Clean My Space if you have not already done so, can you do a video on how to clean a camping trailer. Also what diy cleaners you use that will work anywhere and what cleaners not to use.

Elizabeth Levine says:

One of my biggest frustrations is spray bottles. They always stop working, even ones I’ve bought in the past with commercial product. What am I doing wrong

Paige Wall says:

Curious why it’s in USD if you’re close by in TO?? Just wondering where they are made 🙂

vny1120 says:

Glad I held off purchasing these cloths. Just ordered the large set. A bit pricey but I’m excited to try these. Recent new subbie and I enjoy watching your cleaning video especially the DIY recipes.

Heyddi Suazo says:

I love your tip to use vinegar in your load of laundry i see the difference and the clothes do smell fresher

Sally Tay says:

Hi Melissa, yours is the only 1 of the 2 utube channel I subscribed. Thanks for the shoe powder tip! May I know how you clean engineered wood flooring? Also, is there any appliances or crockery that I should avoid using vinegar? E.g. cast iron pots that may cause rust.

zheceyp Pableo says:

thank you for sharing this helpful videos. I love Diy cleaning products

Teaira Burge says:

I’ve been watching your videos for the past couple of days and they have helped me so much! I have one question that I can’t seem to find a solution to though. My bathroom is COVERED in hairspray residue. It mixes with dust and becomes impossible to remove. It’s on my makeup, my storage unit, the walls, the toilet…. and no amount of scrubbing seems to remove it completely. I eventually give up and it just builds more and becomes even more impossible to remove. Do you have any tips?

Nicole * says:

Tori Carrillo says:


Clean My Space says:

25% OFF SUMMER SALE: http://MakersClean.com

Jacquelyn Ryleigh Cameron says:

Hey CMS, love the channel. I love essential oils and diffusers but learned recently that they could be harming my cat. It would be awesome if you could do an episode on essential oils and pets.
Thank you so much keep up the good work!

Evelyn Fabrie says:

Perfect just ordered my first large kit. Love your channel.

Roslyn Lefin says:

I have tile floors in my home, any DIY cleaners for that?

Marina Manafi-Busby says:

I love your channel because I am a total cleaning nerd and I enjoy keeping a clean house!! I know you have talked about different mops before and I have a steam mop that I am trying to decide whether to keep or sell. What would you say the benefits of a steam mop are, in case I am overlooking something. Also, I live in Idaho and we have hard water, any recipes that would get rid of hard water rings in the toilet?

Sarah Smith says:

Are these DIY cleaners one time use or can you reuse them say for up to a month or so?

Louise Giguère says:

Thank you for these recipes. I clean the laminated floors and the hardwood floors. They work really well. My grandson is coming, he is just about one month older than your daughter, I want the house to be clean.

Here is one of many challenges. In the tv room, I have a pale leather couch. It needs a good clean. Any tips?

Juliette Raines says:

hi melissa, i adore you. i support u, buy ur stuff. problemo is u never respond to me. 🙁 perhaps it’s because i commented on how tiresome the ‘and blah blah don’t forget to click here, there and everywhere to show u care. guys it is so freakin old! we know to click etc why repeat to the point of UCK? so i have to surmise that is why u don’t respond to me. or… 🙁 maybe because i commented on chad’s bad teeth? i don’t know but i meant no harm 🙂 was just surprised is all! ok enough . do like ur site.

Luis Alvarez says:

My favorite DIY cleaner has to be the degreaser. 50% vinegar and 50% dish soap. I use this for my kitchen and my shower and stove. I love it, works so well.

dropdeadchoop says:

Wow love your eye make up in this video! Thank you for sharing your diy recipes

Sophia Siddique says:

I used vinegar ans baking soda to clean kitchen stove and it was good. If you have any kitchen stove cleaner recipes do share them with us or if you have time please do make a video.

Christina Clerk says:

I don’t have a favorite diy, however what is your opinion about the Norwex product line that allows you to clean with just water?

Missjessi Bee says:

Do you think fridges need to be disinfected or cleaned?

Denise Fincher says:

Melissa, I am a Maker’s Cleaning Cloths junkie since my first order. I will never clean with anything else!

Jessica R says:

I love the cloths!

Tarun Rodrigues says:

Hey! Do you have a video on how to clean upholstered furniture? chairs, sofas etc

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