5 Simple DIY Cleaners! Healthy & Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For Your Home!

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5 DIY Recipes to Replace Toxic Cleaners in Your Home!

Many of you comment about not wanting to use toxic cleaning products in your home – and for obvious reasons – they smell, are dangerous to have around the house, and the DIY alternatives are safer and in most cases, just as effective.

Here are 5 of the very worst offenders for toxic cleaners and how to make homemade versions for a more enjoyable cleaning experience!

** Drain Cleaner **

Commercial drain cleaners are among the most dangerous of all cleaning products. Most contain corrosive ingredients such as sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) that can permanently burn eyes and skin. Many can be fatal if ingested.

Here’s a DIY Drain Cleaner:

1 Cup Salt
1 Cup Baking Soda
1/4 Cup cream of tartar

Mix in a bowl.
Using 1/4 cup of the mixture at a time, pour it down the drain
followed by 2 cups of boiling water.
Wait at least one minute before repeating

The boiling water changes the chemical composition of the ingredients and makes it strong enough to eat through grease and grime. This method may take few tries, but it often does the trick!

** Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Can also be used in the shower/tub) **

The corrosive ingredients in toilet bowl cleaners are severe eye, skin and respiratory irritants. Some toilet bowl cleaners contain sulfates, which may trigger asthma attacks in those with asthma and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) which can irritate lungs and burn eyes, skin.

Here’s a DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup dish soap
1/4 hydrogen peroxide
15 drops tea tree oil

** Oven Cleaner **

One of the primary ingredients in oven cleaner is Sodium Hydroxide, more commonly known as Lye. If you remember that scene from Fight Club, then you know what this stuff can do to human skin. Hint – nothing good!

Here’s a DIY Oven Cleaner:

1 cup baking soda
4 tablespoons dish soap
1/2 cup vinegar
15 drops (sweet) orange essential oil – GREAT DEGREASER

Make a heavy paste, leave for several hours or overnight, wipe up with clean water.

** Degreaser **

Much like oven cleaner degreasers contain a variety of potentially harmful chemicals which when inhaled can have serious side effects.

Here’s a DIY Degreaser:

1/2 cup baking soda
1/4 cup dish soap
20 drops sweet orange EO

** Bleach **

Bleach is a highly toxic and dangerous chemical. Bleach causes respiratory problems and the fumes should never be inhaled.
Bleach can also burn the skin.

Here’s a DIY Bleach:

1/4 cup lemon juice
1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
3/4 cup washing soda



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Pamela Whitmore says:

can you soak underwear in oxy clean, to kill bacteria?

LCHF Kitchen Spaz says:

I make tea on the stove, and after a while, the pot is stained. I usually have to bleach it to get it to shine again. What could I use as an alternative to get my stainless steel shining again?

gcpellerin says:

Love all your videos 🙂 what is washing soda and and where do you buy it?

Pearl Buchanek says:

Loving your book Melissa.
Have you got a recipe specifically for engineered wooden floors?
Sending you good wishes from Melbourne, Australia.

Autumn Bartels says:

the only time I still use bleach is for our rags but I’m stick of using it…what would you recommend for those really gross piled up dish rags dish towels cleaning rags etc that have so many germs and what not on them? I use vinegar for the fabric softener but worried that’s not enough

Syed Irfan Iqbal Shah says:

I love your video it’s really helpful

widad khan says:

i loved your shirt. ❤

Frea says:

do you have any tips to remove deodorant build up on shirt? especially in the armpit area?

Wren Oak says:

Don’t mind me screen shotting all the recipes for my spring cleaning! 🙂

Sunitha Mani says:

Hi Melissa thank you for the useful video
If we buy baking soda in bulk how long can we store it without it expiring or losing it values?

Daisy Hart says:

I’ve been trying to find an all purpose cleaner that is also a disinfectant. I make a cleaner with water and vinegar, but I don’t know if that actually disinfects. To be sure, I supplement with a “natural” cleaner that says it disinfects (which is actually really hard to find). I just use my DIY one to get rid of grime for now.

Lupina Fikmo says:

Bleach is illigal in Denmark ☠

hellocrisst says:

The oven cleaner clip is just as satisfying as the oxy commercials years ago…

Clean My Space says:

What’s your favourite DIY cleaning recipe?

carolohhsoto says:

please help!! is there a way to clean those stubborn watermarks (or cakemarks)from a glass top stove? preferably a technique that doesn’t involve a razor blade??

Cheryl Kalsch says:

I like you blouse too. You look exceptionally pretty today.

Jennlewis16 says:

My counters and tables get sprayed with hydrogen peroxide(a great disinfectant), my floors with vinegar, my mirrors with rubbing alcohol, and any dusty surfaces with diluted vinegar. I do use commercial toilet bowl cleaner and I do spray my sink out with bleach. There’s very few things that can disinfect as well as bleach. I find that making your own cleaners saves a lot of money. I’m a clean freak and I have a toddler so I would go through a bottle of multipurpose cleaner in two weeks.

Marta Martrix says:

I love this one. I’m always trying to find non dangerous alternatives for all cleaning products, not just for safety and health but also for environmental reasons.
I would like to know a good substitute for laundry soap. I use soap nuts for my laundry, and they work well, but when there is a stain (usually the ones I can’t get rid of are tomato sauce and oil/grease stains) it gets difficult to get rid of it. Any ideas? Thank you!

Amanda B. says:

Thank you for your DIY recipe for cleaning! my asthma has been extremely bad this year, so I’m definitely going to try this out. Love all your videos btw 🙂

Raven Avecilla says:

I love when you post these kinds of videos ❤️ i hate the smell harsh cleaning products have and all of these are such wonderfully smelling alternatives

sara35ish says:

Thanks! Love DYI cleaners. So much cheaper and healthier

Gary Cheavin says:

What DIY shower cleaner can you recommend, I hate scrubbing out the shower (soup scum and mold, yuck) and the supermarket shelves are filled with products that don’t do anything ! Tired of wasting money and time.

Arlene Odonnell says:

I love the all purpose cleaner, just dish soap and water!

lhjwood79 says:

Please can anyone help. The water in our area is hard and the toilet gets a lot of limescale anyone know how to get rid of it? many thanks in advance. love clean my space channel xx

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