5 Amazing DIY BORAX Cleaning Tips!

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Borax is a lesser known, but very effective, DIY cleaning product. Borax is a natural disinfectant, and is great at fighting mold and mildew, so in this video we take a look at 5 great ways that you can add borax to your cleaning routine and your roster of DIY cleaning recipes.

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BeeRich33 says:

I like food machine videos recently.

En Vang says:


succubus0demon says:

the wirdes thing gotta be nailpolish mounten by Simply Nailogical on youtube XD

Mrs M says:

I have stuck on hooks on bathroom wall Because it’s a vertical situation how do I go about getting the solution to stay on the area? Also, the hook is still stuck to the wall which I am trying to unstick it hence my problem. PLEASE REPLY/ HELP!

Ana Montero says:

ive used borax to make a roach repellent… i dont know why itnworks but its the best thing ever… i forgot the measurements… but its borax water n consensed milk… it gets rid of roaches forever…lol

weirdest thing ive seen is someone playing a video game… and someone else is watching them play… so odd and stupid lol

Heather Jones says:

Pimple popping

V CR says:

For people saying borax is dangerous to use for these things shown in the video, is baking soda safer?

Emalee Holland says:

Just discovered ASMR videos and I was so confused!! Had to do a quick google search to figure out what I had found.

Rosa Stewart says:

What about vinegar/baking soda like you suggested?

Carol Janssen says:

Thanks, Melissa! I had forgotten about Borax, my mom used it and that was when I was growing up over 50 years ago! I just bought a box of it and will look forward to trying all your uses for it!

Caramel Crayons says:

I had no idea what borax was until i had to make slime with glue for my daughter

Belva Dalidowich says:

I have to laugh at the leaving borax in the toilet all night and then scrub it in the morning to get toilet bowl clean. I can tell you are a young person. When you get a little older their is no going all night without a potty call. I personally have to get up several times at night. (Diabetic) so anything that only works by sitting there all night is a no go……or a to much go to have it …never mind.. 🙂

Ann marie White says:

Asmr videos just ridiculous !!

Elene Ingorokva says:

bread face

Dana Lee says:

Hi Melissa I have a heavy duty shower liner. We love it, we can store everything on the net pockets. The shower is always neat and tidy,.However, It’s time it for a trip thru the washing machine. I usually use borax when doing towels etc, can I use Borax on plastics?

Jessica Guin says:

What kind of essential oil did you put in your laundry? And about how many drops for a large load? Thank you.

tricia latino says:

Fake nose hair and braided eyebrows

Cheryl Mont says:

I have been using it in my laundry for a while 7 months ish love it

Tamatha Mavraides says:

Very cool tips, thank you. also as a respectful side note….your eyebrows are amazing. I wish mine looked like that. Mine are pitiful.

Isabel Topaz says:

Where can you get borax outside of the us?

Suzyn Miller says:

I LOVE using Borax

Rosa Stewart says:

I meant it for laundry and will borax affect the septic tank?
Bathroom … Vinegar and Baking soda like you had in previous episodes?

Ann Connery says:

I use borax for lots of things. Great cheap cleaner.

Esther Batycki says:

I just think it’s too weird when girls clean their hair and face with food. Like they get eggs and milk out… what a waste of protein!

devilishangel005 says:

How to remove slime from fabric?

Kathleen Kingsbury says:

Does the borax dissolve well enough in the washing machine if only cold water is used? I wash and rinse my clothes in cold water only.

TheYgernependragon says:

believe it or not, in France you can’t buy borax. you can only get your hands on tiny 20g packages at the pharmacy exclusively with a doctors prescription…

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