325-square-foot “cave” apartment with DIY & upcycled furniture

Monica Potvin and Markel Otaola bought the 30-square-meter (323-square-foot usable space) apartment in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter during their child-free years when location was more important than space.

The tiny quarters had once been a space for the doorlady and it was half under-ground. After a makeover that included a lot of custom, DIY furniture, Potvin dubbed the home the “cozy cave”.

The couple lived here while Potvin was pregnant* and have even hosted dinner parties in this reduced volume. Thanks to some dual-purpose furniture, the place now sleeps four. In addition to the queen bed in the bedroom, there’s a couch bed for one in the living room and a nook under the stairs where the couple crafted a mattress on top of what was once a seldom-used ledge.

Much of the home is custom and all was crafted by the creative couple. Potvin (co-founder of the eco-design store Matteria) found an old pallet on the street and covered it with plastic to create a stylish coffee table (with space for magazines and books between the wood). A salvaged door is now the hallway mirror and old airplane food storage carts serve as bedside tables.

More info on original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/325-square-foot-cave-apartment-with-diy-upcycled-furniture/


DasCommentator says:

So I take it she no longer lives there are just rents the place out on AirBNB?…I don’t see any personal possessions and there was no food in the fridge.

Mona F says:

Be my friend!

Kat says:

i like the space, i definitely would have put an L shaped kitchen in the corner so there could be enough room for a full sized couch. one thing i don’t really like about tiny houses are the little pads on top of wood that people call couches. i get that there is storage under it, but come on, that cannot be comfortable.

No Name says:

I would have taken the concrete shelf/bed out from under the upstairs steps, moved the steps coming down in the kitchen and placed them against the wall under the window. Then I would have had the kitchen stuff (shelving,stove refrig etc) under the upstairs steps. That way in opens up the kitchen area more and you don’t have the steps coming down right behind you. In the living room area I would have a couch with it’s back against the wall under the window facing the brick wall, then I’d build a not too deep (depth wise, looks to be about 4 to 6 inches) entertainment shelf/books to fill that area with the center open to place a flat screen t.v. right into that space above the narrow concrete shelf against the brick wall, where the paperback books are at. I wouldn’t have a coffee table, takes up too much floor area.

Phongnam Tran says:


fredster72 says:

I absolutely love your place! Style and efficiency all in one….Nice!

Dan Zena says:

This is at least way better than the boxes in NYC.

nybiggs says:

This apartment is plenty big enough for two people. Can even get some privacy with one upstairs, one downstairs.

Yahir Avila says:

Love it. Just what i nees for me

clint rathman says:

Monica has a wonderful laugh

tc 3000 says:

A nop!

colin schabel says:

how is that bathroom minuscule

CptSchmidt says:

Everybody who lives in these spaces has a certain look: Two striped t-shirts on at the same time? Check. Cotton khakis tucked into ankle socks inside toeless boots? Check. Giant scarf worn indoors? Check. Five hundred dollar haircut made to look like it was done by the person wearing it while looking in the mirror? Check. A library of three and a half books carefully chosen from a used book store to make them look read? Check.

Numair Abbas says:

She seems to be a bit embarrassed maybe? If she is she shouldn’t be, she should be proud of it they’ve done an amazing job with it so thanks for sharing!

Bhavna Shethia says:

so.. gooood

Ralev.com says:

I miss some light inside, but what they’ve done with this small budget and small space is awesome. Love the “hide-the-tv” approach.

Gladys Serrano says:

she is lovely!!! don’t care live in a hole with someone with tons of charisma

Ella Mitchell says:

That’s so cool :(((

Electric Eels says:

I loved the galley storage units turned into bed side cabinets!

den a says:

Very nice

Brian Lange says:

i definitely couldn’t live in most of these micro-apts, but this one isn’t bad.

Charles Surber says:

this is bigger then 325

X Jess W X says:

How small even my bedrooms bigger than that!!!!

American Writer says:

That’s huge compared to the one I had in Guatemala

Synick says:

I really, really like the pallet table. We don’t actually have a coffee table, and the wheels are turning

keithc1234 says:

that tv gave me aids.

rose nelson says:

Love this space,inspirational

MsBooda77 says:

Great place….. Love the bathroom and using found items

frharhm says:

I feel like this space suit her with having kids than the one she resides in the other video

ventende says:

I could easily see myself living like this. Just had to find a suitable spot for my pool table.

Coco Wawa says:


monikasea says:

love it

johnny t says:

Beautiful place! Flat screen tv a must here tho.

AS 7TR says:

coffee table is too low , and also the tv… must be it is not comfortable watching the tv from that sofa.. i quite like upstairs, but I am not sure i would like to walking around in my own home with shoes (esp the one that I wear outside)

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