$30 Floor mats! DIY Dye Job and Rear Deck painting

Today, Abi and I show you how to clean and dye your crummy and distinguishing floor mats, turning them into a stunning example of interior excellence.

In this Video:

FCPeuro- http://goo.gl/yE5sgW
EuroGarage Code “EG5F”

Carpet Cleaner- http://amzn.to/2b1TpVy
RIT DYe- http://amzn.to/2bpmHfX
Black Fabric Paint- http://amzn.to/2b25wf8

Songs, In order of Appearance.
SANDR- Frozen Voices
Valesco- Cloud 9

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Carl Stoye says:

What differential do you have in this beast?

michael mejia says:

Currently looking at the link you posted for KAmotors, & I was looking through their turbo kits & I was wondering if you’re running the same setup as the “Budget Brawler” turbo kit with the internal waste gate? Or something similar? I’m interested in it & also how much money have you put in for the build since you started? The budget brawler kit costs $2,600. I have a red 89 e30 coupe & Im deciding if I should go turbo & keep it all German or do an LS swap. Thank you very much in advanced!!

Alen says:

my e30 has green interior and it dosent look that bad

Nenad Grubjesic says:

Abi come from long way from shy girl now i think she really enjoy’s being in your videos.Great 🙂 i hope i can convince my girl to have that kind of passion.

240sxguy says:

Love the videos of this thing. It has come a long way

Victor Lu says:

Scrubbing Bubbles is a good cheap cleaner for floor mats and seats 😀

Caleb Hurst says:

Like your vids keep them up bro if you ever need a extra hand i live down the street from UTD

BeamTeam13 says:

They use a spray bottle of dye and vinegar to do what you did with paint. No crunchy feel after, might be worth giving a shot if you need to do anything else.

TheSabianGuy says:

I dyed my door cards a nice charcoal gray with black handles and pockets. They look absolutely gorgeous. Did the rear deck lid as well. Really couldn’t be happier with the results.

J Rod says:

a good power wash would have done the carpet wonders.

(O[][]O) says:

There you go… little extra effort.. twice the reward.

MgBag says:

Always love your videos man. Thanks a ton for the proper entertainment, it is also very motivational to see you work.

Anto Pranjic says:

you are so lucky to have a girlfriend who love working on cars whith you ^^ , i which you to be happy whith her

Max Hellwig says:

the carpets looks sick in that black (♥ᗜ♥)

Max Hellwig says:

1:13 dat slap doe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Laney B says:

Let the mats dry in the sun and then rinse them so the color doesnt wash out. For some reason it never occured to me to use ritz dye lmao thank youuu

Lantourismo says:

did you use a fabric paint for the rear deck lid.

Nathan Wright says:

Once you go black you never go back!

Joshua Sanchez says:

Nice vid man. Save money on a mat job and parlay it towards other, bigger things. Win-win

JeLani Thrower says:

if they sat in the dye longer they def would have been more black , really nice though , i wonder how this could go from black to red.

Shelby Westman says:

So happy to see another video. Been looking so forward to seeing what is next. Also, love that you include Abi. 🙂

Sebastian Holder says:

how about the actual carpet? probably with a kids pool?

lmnk7 says:

Naw you need to redo your headliner black.

Keven Qc says:

Hi, do you think an e30 would be a good first car?

andydrew105 says:

Washed my mats at a laundromat, added degreaser and carpet cleaner to the wash. Had to clean the washer out though there was like 3 cups worth of sand around the rim, they look new. Could do that prior to dying the mats. My mats were 14 years old, and they look new.

Daniel Manole says:

Nice work.I like that you have the full support of your girlfriend and she helps you every time she has the oportunity.Respect 4 that!More videos will be great.Keep up the good work man!

Hector ortega says:

Holy crap that came out good. I was going to buy a new carpet for my e30, but I really like this idea.

sam scott says:

Good video dude, I dyed my whole e30 carpet using dye that was like liquid indelable pen in a spray bottle, it came out good but was a hell of a job,had to do it so many times.and it did change the texture slighly, wish i had just set up a paddling pool with dye after watching this. I did my headlining with vinyl paint in a can and was really pleased with the result. looking forward to the exhaust vid, keep up the good work

Rhode island Finest says:

Next you should put lights or glow inside ,

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