These awesome budget cleaning tips are garanteed to save your time and money! Learn how to quickly clean microwave using only water and vinegar, how to vacuum in order to find small jewelry items, deal with a clogged drain and many more super handy cleaning hacks! 🙂
I’ll show you clever ways to use kitchen sponges for cleaning, how to clean with lemon and make orange peel vinegar solution and keep the carpet perfectly clean! 🙂

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6:27 Amazing WD-40 life hacks
9:28 Need disenfection?
10:23 Cool vacuum trick

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Kayla Smith says:

they don’t deserve that much subscribers Bright Side does

ausfan100 says:

A far better and less messy way to free up zippers is to buy a can of silicone spray. Leaves no stain or oily mess and is completely dry in 10 seconds and makes the zipper run smooth as silk.

Cort3z says:

What if I mix vinegar, baking soda, and WD-40?

Sarah says:

Look how you can clean expensive Nike sneakers with household products here! Dramatic transformation, subscribe for a subscribe 🙂

Ali Serunjogi says:

and 8:05 ok not using these cuz I dont have this 😛

Silvana Lillie says:

How do I get in touch with the person that posted this video?

S.T channel says:

Spary name haaa

SunBunz says:

Everything in my house is gonna smell like vinegar, which always smells like stinky feet to me. But it’ll look pretty, at least. :/

Anime heaven says:

Need more eggs.

Lilianna Mathers says:

This music is punishment

Juan Echevarria says:

I tried the plastic film on the clogged toilet but instead of a happy smile I got turds stuck on the film and floor. Fml

kenngykful says:

baking soda and vinegar is the most powerful things in the world

rosemary marsh says:

Wow What can I say.This is an amazing video.Thanks for sharing this with us.I do use bicarbonate and vinegar and apple cider vinegar for cleaning and knew some of these recipes.Very helpful video.

Ali Serunjogi says:

NANA 7:10 what that was so fast!

Elizabeth Anderson says:

Wow these are some of the best tips!!!

callmekoala says:

wd40 is a dangerous product, toxic , shouldn’t get in contact with food. Completely innapropriate to clean anything in cntact with food and shouldn’t put it on skin. This video is dangerous !

kurt olsson says:

Gosh, if only there were a common tool for clearing clogged drains, well i guess i’ll have to use vinegar.

DdiVine1 says:

i need to sow this to my cleaner… every fortnite shes complains there’s now cleaning equipment

manboob5000 says:

Why do any of this when your home will smell so bad no one will come over anyway.

Lisa Neighbour says:

Mostly excellent, except for the section about WD40, which is poisonous, and shouldn’t be used with bare hands, indoors without ventilation. I thought it was weird to use WD40 without gloves, but she puts on gloves for water, vinegar and thyme!

Simona says:

2:54 No.

Tanya Branson says:

Has anyone tried any of these?

diannte says:

That cookie sheet thing is magic.

sandy wu says:

What brand are the scrub stick? And where to purchase?

David De Leon says:

Make Extra Cash – click here: http://WorkingHour.online/?userid=1411

Diana Lon says:

0:51 Boom LOL

Nana Mew says:

Vinegar = Magic

Samuel Morrow says:

11:46 what was the point of the clothes hanger thing??

Pam Hartzler says:

La musica estresaaaaa

evelyn woolston says:

Baking soda (bicarb of soda) will wreck you aluminium baking sheet or pans leaving them pitted.

Kayla Smith says:

i hate when they keep repeating the same hacks

Peter Müller says:

20 Ways how you better don’t do it

Elizabeth Deathnote says:

Magical vinegar!! 🙂

jin han says:


Zoe Wilshere says:

Like it. I just bought a bottle of vinegar;)

Maria Groff says:

Shopping list:
1. Drum of vinegar
2. Pallet of baking soda

Joni Hoffrén says:

This is a great video for all the women out there!

Tahira Khatoon says:

Plz tell me something to remove oil stain from cloth

MsLiPrettyAsCanBe says:

Lol at the WD-40 on your purse. Yeah, just stain it but at least it zips now.

Dougy Tz says:

You must have stocks in vinegar

Hehe Builds says:

When your Posh parents are coming around to your old snobby thing

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