It’s not enough time in the day for our favorite things to do, let alone chores! Let’s not waste to much time on them while we have these amazing pro hacks to speed up your daily routine! Find out lazy ways to use nail polish, make toilet bomb freshener, get rid of hard water marks, quick ways to apply makeup and clean the kitchen, make super handy folding device, keep your needlework in order and carefully sort different kinds of liquid in the kitchen!

I’m gonna demonstrate how to clean off different kinds of stains and surfaces.

Let’s take this situation to illustrate. A car dries off your yard, you’re looking down and what do you see? A horrible gasoline puddle! How on earth you’re supposed to get rid off this?!

Don’t stress out guys! Just take a Cola bottle, pour it down on the gasoline puddle, let it dry, pour some plain water then and enjoy your clean paving slabs!

And if you haven’t got time to clean your microwave in a month and it turned into pathetic mess, I’m here to help! Just fill the bowl with the water and vinegar and press ‘start’ for 10 minutes. Now you can easily remove old stains with a kitchen sponge and your microwave looks like a brand new one again!

And here’s a geniusly simple way to clean the toaster. Take a toothbrush and sweep a toaster with it.

Baking soda and vinegar work cleaning miracles. If you need to wash off an oven, put some soda and vinegar on it and wipe it out. And if you can’t reach all the needed surfaces, use the clothes hanger for it.

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China’s Mom says:

So nothing about Windex………

The wine cleaner says:

love watching these ….

miapdx says:

The filter from the stove, can be run through the dishwasher. Much simpler.

Frozen Wolf says:

Alot of these my grandmother taught me as a child. And I still use them to this day.

Mohammed Ali says:

No comment

Cheryl Pelczynski says:


Official FBI says:

Song at 7:01

carline norris says:

Everybody everybody who has seen these hacks repeatedly say oh yeah!

Karen Lubeck says:

What the heck? You show us the ingredients, but don’t give us the measurements??? I just wasted 9:15 of my life here.

Jennifer Morris says:

I just can’t handle the dreadful background music, I’m out.

WhitleyBabe says:

In case of apocalypse – Just mix baking soda and vinegar.

Only Top 10's says:

Do you want to know more house hacks? Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMElgtyl0U0&t=5s

diana der maro says:

who has citric acid laying around??? I guess baking this should have been title hacks with baking soda and W-40….

Carrie King says:

This biggest thing i learned,, keep a can of wd40 in your house.

Maive Brewster says:

How are you getting the gum off the sock

SleepyOsra says:

I wish they supplied us with actual helpful info….

Wanda Carroll says:


Mary Wemigwase says:

Ideas seem good but the recipe ratio for homemade products would be more helpful. Also pop up ads for your channel block writing in videos

Nikki Rothrock says:

What song/band is playing at 7 minutes in?

Fi na says:

Has someone already tried one of these?

Lori Fitzgerald-Leger says:

Thanks ! These are great ideas to help with every day messes!!

Alexandra Sirghi says:

2:48 anyone do this?

Lauren Shea says:


Joanne Gilbert says:

If you use cinnamon regularly as a room freshener by putting it in your vacuum cleaner you are going to seriously clog it up and reduce the suction power.

Samantha Lewis says:

Love this channel

Melinda D says:

Seriously for a clean microwave – just get a large hard plastic tumbler cup. Fill 3/4 with water. Microwave for 6 minutes. Take cup out but be careful because it’s almost boiling hot. Now the microwave is damp – just wipe with a wet dish rag. No soap, lemon or anything else required.

Rachel says:

Personally I haven’t tried any yet BUT I stumbled across one I previously seen on hers on another site for ants control/repel I DO KNOW VINEGAR WORKS WITH WATER, If you dilute it in a empty spray bottle for benches you’ll have a great cleaner that repels ants too. Also spray some in the dishwater b4 washing dishes (if u want extra clean + Maybe tiny bit of food smell b4 washing & rinsing thoroughly) & after to clean the sink. I do put a tiny bit of pine smelling cleaner in the bottle 4 the benches but NOT the sink or food pantry obviously because disinfect is poisonous. Pine cleaner is optional for smell ONLY Because the vinegar solution is acidity & will clean just like other natural acidity products but I cannot comment on that as I am sharing for cleaning to prevent ants whilst saving tonnes of money & It’s good for the planet too.

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