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Hira Jabeen mohammad says:

Thank u sooo much 5 min crafts I’m not lazy but my sink got clogged so I used ur hack and it got fixed!

Sanjana Bharwani says:

what is the measurment of the refreshing toilet bombs

Kata Szajcz says:

okosak az ilyen videók

Timar Burton Craig says:

You guys help me so much

Parco Atridela says:

This. Time I Have Headphones On…

Parco Atridela says:

I Agree With You But The Lemon Is The Part Of You Said

Bella says:

love it

Anja's Plate says:

I just posted an lazy cleaning hack for cleaning up Lego, K’nex and beads too and EVERY mom just needs one =)

Minecraft Dan says:

5 minute crafts: 9 minute crafts

Emiliana7u7 says:


c Lew says:

4:43 so you mean letting a pan soak in the sink gets burnt off gunk out of it? Revolutionary!

Hania Tarasia says:

To to

PiNK Dragon says:

Tried the clogged drain hack

Made it worse, now nothing goes down my drain :/

Saba Ara says:

like your ideas but don’t keep putting one same life hack every different video nobody like it like the food hacks you putt the banana and Nutella bread in 1 video and the same in other videos

Vy Cao Khanh says:

Will the last one work?????

Nimra Shafiq says:

i subscriber

jed's life says:


Parco Atridela says:

This Is How To Get Rid Of Gum On The Floor:Clean

Wiki Games says:


Mr. Yellow says:

Who came here for the thumbnail?

Tafa Fa says:

What if you don’t have a dryer sheet

MsCreepyPasta says:

What is the stuff in the can

Louisa Mccann says:

That vinegar would stink

Dunja F says:

I love 5-Minute Crafts

BadBlackRoses says:

Because vinegar solves everyone’s problems

jed's life says:


Dream Cardigan says:

Where can u buy citric acid powder? Pharmacies?

Rogene lights the way Vlogs says:

My big dad is smart like you

Meme Smith says:

can I use ascorbic acid powder instead of citric acid

508 Ngo Huong Dinh says:

lets sit 1 million hours! 🙂

Spam Management says:

Thumbs down for misleading thumbnail.

rene říha says:

moc dobre divam se na to kazdy den ale nekdy ne

Rachel King says:

Who else besides me watchs these videos. And never does it tell me so im not the only one

Nandini Vyas says:

Awesome hacks but I want to request you save water please thank you

Starlight Animations says:

This is really helpful for me because me and my 2 bffs are moving in together in 6 years and I’m doing cleaning while my friend is doing cooking and my other friend Jenna is chores or something like that

Rudie says:

Why do your kettles get so dirty tf????? Isn’t water all you’re meant to put in it??????

Moon Khan says:

5 minutes crafts suckered they do crafts over and over again

Teresa Cavaliere says:

Sì può tradurre in italiano?


Baking soda + vinegar …is the master of cleaning

jed's life says:


Sofia Vasilari says:


Sss Mmm says:

I did the oven clean. It did not work.

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