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Rowan Ezra says:

Do you or anyone reading this know a cheaper version of castille soap, as Dr Bronner’s is very expensive

Melanie Mcallister says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful what essential oils you are using if you have any pets.
Not only do cats/dogs have a much more sensitive sense of smelling meaning essential oils can be overwhelming and stress them out, they also absorb them and react differently than us. Cats in particular can not some compounds in essential oils meaning they are highly susceptible to toxicity.

Luz Martinez says:

What can I use if there’s no Castile soap in America?

Lucia Pasini says:

Don’t these recipes leave things sticky?

patty 8873 says:

Have you ever heard of pouring a bottle of Coca Cola in a toilet? The citric acid in it works. I saw this years ago on the show “How Clean Is Your House?” With Kim Woodward.

Véro & Fred Martel Martin says:

Thank you for that video! Well made and very, very helpful.

Xela D says:

Castile soap irritated my skin, is there another all purpose soap that’s less intense? I mean I’ll google, but if anyone knows a good one

le fi says:

Thank you this is very helpful

patty 8873 says:

I love the microwave cleaning hack. I’ve already been doing everything else you mentioned. I’m glad I kept watching.

Jupiter954 says:

I use vinegar and water also for my hair and scalp cleaning. After that my hair is stronger and more shiny

Jenny Witzel says:

I can’t seem to find regular white vinegar anywhere in London? help? X

Kreatywna says:

to clean really dirty oven or baking sheet – sprinkle generous amount of baking soda and spray with pure vinegar – wait 15-20 min and scrub. Works like magic! I got old uncleaned oven (grose!!!) in my flat and it cleaned it like magic!

Kiara Lewis says:

I read that poverty stricken people India are suffering because of the new trend of soap nuts so if you guys can find other alternatives please do

christine xx says:

I love using natural cleaners! When I make an all-purpose cleaner, I include a little rubbing alcohol as well and like the tiniest drop of dish soap just to reaaaaally disinfect everything haha

Deydey says:

SAFETY WARNING: The baking soda + vinegar trick works great for sinks, but just know you should NEVER pour hot water into your toilet. It could explode! Just letting people know 🙂

Lacy Hay says:

I love the tips. Some of these types I need to try out thanks.

What Real Life Is Like. says:

Wonderful and sooo helpful !

aegy00 says:

The baking soda and vinegar hack has literally never worked. The only thing that ever worked is snaking out the drain or using Drain-O. Snaking the drain is gross as it brings many of the bacteria to the surface and time consuming. I hate having to purchase Drain-O, but it’s pretty much the only effective solution.

Sarah Galle says:

buy the cheapest vodka you can find and add that to your cleaners, it will totally boost the cleaning power. I love to also boil lemon and orange peels in distilled water, until the water changes color, then add that, instead of regular water, it boosts the power so much! It works great on stainless steel and pots.

Marta Martrix says:

Another great video, such a good bunch of tips. I already use most of these recipes but some have been a cool surprise and I’ll start using right now (I’ve used soap nuts for years and they are awesome!!). I’d like to mention that your all purpose cleaner is great for all surfaces except marble, because vinegar or lemon juice damage it so much. For marble I use rubbing alcohol instead of the vinegar. I prefer to soak fruit peels in the vinegar instead of essential oils because they’re more expensive and hard to get from nature.

Ola Firszt says:

thank you so so so much! i needed recipes like this! <333

Elisa Garbi says:

I love this video, thanks for sharing Madeleine!

Allison Mae says:

This video is so nicely put together!! I love it!

Sakura no says:

I just discovered your channel and now I am binging all the way! Thank you so much for creating content that matters! I love it!

Vaishnavi Inamdar says:

Oh my god. I am in love! :* 🙂 Thanks. This is amazing.

Jovanda Carvalho says:

I’ve been using a glass cutting board. It’s easy to clean, doesn’t accumulate fungus and bacteria, and has other purposes, like serving food and snacks.

Cinnamon Spice Latte says:

Do you usually use rags for cleaning? Thanks for the recipes! I’m definitely going to try some tonight! ❤️

Tori Scherle says:

Also try sprinkling baking soda on the chopping board then use the lemon,

Melanie Mcallister says:

For me one of the main appeals of using homemade cleaning products would be the reduction in waste. However bicarbonate of soda is one the most used ingredients and it is used in large volume. In the UK bicarbonate of soda pretty much only comes in very small tubs (intended for baking) and these are often plastic so I feel like this would just create a lot of additional waste (even in this video you can see madeline use several different tubs of the stuff).

Nim Forėst says:

As much as I like that soap nuts create less waste for us, I woudn’t recomment to use them, not because they don’t work but because the increase in demand in the western society for these soap nuts makes it expensive for the people/locals who actually collect them. So I’d say that we stop putting our money there and find other ways to do our laundry. I really liked the video btw, I’ll be using some of the recipes at home 🙂

Lisa Diving says:

Seriously? You’re without any clothes? It’s such a sick and without any respect to people who watch it! If you don’t wear any clothes at your home, okey it’s your choice and if you haven’t got any guests and feel comfortable, I understand it (actually don’t understand, rather accept but anyway). But if you’re naked on your film it’s such a lack of respect to people who are watching that! It’s just sick! It’s like you are so lazy to put on any clothes on you after all that you are talking to your spectators lol Are you fucking kidding me?!

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