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Because we’re on vacation in sunny California at the moment, we decided this would be a great time to put together a collection of our favorite cleaning tips from past Clean My Space videos. Enjoy!

COMMENT QUESTION: Where is your favorite place to visit when you’re on vacation?

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Michale Graves says:

at 6:00 how come her foundation doesn’t match her neck??? 🙁 🙁

Tabita Camarena says:

Hi Melissa enjoy your vacation in California my sister lives there in calistoga

suma ananth says:

my favorite is india, u should visit india u will love the place,food & culture

Brooklyn Ringer says:

I like Monterey and Carmel California

Anne-Catherine Mulhern says:

My favourite places to visit are Italy and the island of Jersey. I just love Europe best, although New Zealand’s on my bucket list.

Clay Kenty says:

Can you PLEASE make a video how to disinfect carpet and couches when you have a dog with ringworms?!

Lyra Clarke says:

how do you clean your mirror?

Blakehx says:

How about diy toilet clean tablets?

Sevvy4ever says:

cleaning eyeglasses hacks? I hate to do it :/

TheNididi says:

I love to visit our summer cottage, its maybe one of my all time fav place in the world. I love to be there but not more than few days at the time , lol 🙂

Nanna Bjerregaard says:

What Can i get in Denmark that is the same as Oxi Clean??

shell1338 says:

I love visiting California. It’s so pretty.

Kelly Thrasher says:

I love vacations in Walt Disney world Florida!!!

Sherry McMahon says:

My favorite place to visit is Williamsburg, Va.

jacquelin Eng says:


Nadia Shandy says:

I wash my Makeup brushes with face wash my skin didn’t like. If rinsed well, no problem.

Kathy Weaver says:

Hi Melissa! I’m from Georgia. We have some beautiful countryside here. But, we love California, too. We’re headed to Lake Tahoe/Yosemite week after next.
Love the great cleaning solutions!

TashaSoSimple says:


Angela & Kaylee says:

Great tips!!! Loved them all.

Longhairbear says:

Palm Springs! Our home, and downtown tonight was chock full of tourists, and visitors.

Debasish Mitra says:

my favorite place is

Clean My Space says:

Where is your favourite vacation spot?

Lola D says:

I live in Cali… it’s over rated… BUT I guess the coast is alright. I love to go to Philadelphia. So much going on there be it history or sight seeing or just stuff to do.

Stacy Lamb says:

Melissa, I generally do staycation. I love my home state of New Jersey. we are convenient to many places including Philadelphia, NYC, the beach, the mountains, and other great small towns.

Starsofneon says:

Can you please do a video on removing oil stains from cement?

Jaystonishing says:

will the hydrogen peroxide and soap work on white clothes?

Barb Mitchell says:

Skagway AK

BeeRich33 says:

It’s raining like a bitch here. More this week.

Rochelle Thundercloud says:

my husband has the sprawl problem. if he has a bedside table,it’s completely covered in a foot thick layer of unnecessary crap.his main issue is he believes he has to have everything he owns out taking up space we no longer have.making our home look cluttered and unclean.

Haider Xaidi says:

I’m new to this channel….love it…..I also like cleaning very much…..
why is there not a single girl like you out there who like to stay clean…..good job.
I like you

Kristin Davis says:

Odd question… Anyone know what brand stove/range Melissa has? I’m looking to replace my gas with an induction soon and I really like the look of hers, plus that cool outlet on top…

Hey Betsey says:

Indian Springs in Calistoga is amazing! I hope that is where you are staying 🙂 Enjoy your time up here in Northern California.

suma ananth says:

how to clean glass cook top

Boinkity says:

oh did you guys go to bottlerock? you are close to where I live… sorta… (hour away)

NightDreamPrincess says:

I thought peroxide would bleach out ur cloths

Alia Hassan says:

Love love love your thin thin eternity band. Care to share where it is from?

theallnaturalme says:

I’ll be going to Canada in less than two weeks and I’m so excited because I can pick up a copy of your book! I looked everywhere in Galway and around Co. Kerry (I’m living in Ireland now) but unfortunately no one seems to sell your book yet so it’ll be awesome to get my paws on it! 🙂 If you’re having a meet-up in Toronto at all between the 9th-15th of June, I’d love to meet you and Chad! Have been following you for years now… thanks so much for sharing these tips in one video as I’d forgotten a lot of them~ 🙂 Enjoy your vacation…well deserved! xx

Rochelle Thundercloud says:

another tip for makeup brush cleaner is baby shampoo and super hot water. I use baby shampoo,a bit of white vinegar a dab of bleach and lots of super hot water.works for asthma inhalers and nebulizer parts to de gunk.rinse real well after.just let the items soak for at least one hour. change water as needed.

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