15 Brilliant Uses For OxiClean! 🙌 Cleaning Tips & DIY Recipes!

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You guys know that I’ve been a huge fan of OxiClean since we started making videos here at Clean My Space. We’ve been using it to remove stains and boost our laundry routine for years, however, did you know that there are a ton of uses for OxiClean besides just laundry? In this video, I’m going to share with you 15 great uses for OxiClean outside of the laundry room.

Skip to the OxiClean VSR cleaning hack you need:

Greasy Filters – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=109
Running Shoes – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=155
Upholstery Stains – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=190
Toilet, Tub & Tiles – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=213
Shower Liner – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=274
Kitchen Tile Grout – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=311
Kids’ Toys – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=334
Pet Stains & Odors – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=373
Organic & Recycling Bins – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=397
Deck & Patio – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=437
Baby Carrier – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=480
Bathroom Sink – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=510
Carpet Stains – https://youtu.be/33v5P4rEar8?t=546

How to use OxiClean all around the home:

Oxygen Bleach is more than just a great stain remover – take a step outside of the laundry room with Melissa Maker and learn about some brilliant uses for Oxiclean!

Yes, this is a sponsored video – special thanks to OxiClean for helping support our channel 🙂

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crissys2angels says:

Can you do a video on the best way to clean your carpets, how often, etc.

Genevieve Gonzales says:

My husband makes wine and reuses old bottles. It is ver difficult to remove to old labels and glue. So he gets a 5 gallon bucket with hot water and icy clean and put the wine bottles in over night. It magically removes leaves and glue!!! It is amazing!

HermioneOnABike says:

Can I use this to clean my car seats?

Rheannon Watts says:

Hi! I was just wondering if any cleaner that starts with oxi is similar to this? where i live in Australia we can’t get oxiclean but we have something called oxiaction. Thanks in advance.

Jihye Lee says:

Oxi brand killed so many Koreans. They knew their humidifier cleaning product could harm people. But they sold it anyway even though they already heard lots of Koreans suffered from the lung diseases. Some people mentioned Oxi do tests on animals. Koreans were those animals. If you like to know more search for it. They are heartless moneymakers

Vicky Fung says:

Would Resolve work as well? Or you must use Oxiclean?

Winnie Yee says:

So many paper towels!!! Is that really a good idea? And, I don’t use it because of animal testing.

katietatey says:

I love that you showed cleaning your cat carrier! That gets overlooked a lot (I’m a vet) – I often see carriers that are 20 or 30 years old and appear to never have been cleaned, or I’m examining a dog and their collar is soooo gross and stinky! Maybe you could do a video about cleaning pets’ stuff. Pet beds, carriers, disinfecting combs and brushes, cleaning leashes and collars (including leather). The video could also include how to take care of pet accidents – vomit, diarrhea, urine, feces… just a thought. I love your channel and your book! 🙂

squalloogal says:

Where’s the AD notice? You need to show it’s a paid video.

BloodLace Rose says:

Great video for keeping till we need it, but I have one question…. why didn’t you separate the top from the bottom of the pet carrier and take it into the bathtub to clean it and save on all those paper towels??? Since this stuff never worked for me in the washing machine I am gonna try it on these other things to see if I can get some use out of a container of stuff just sitting in my cupboard. Thank-you for the ideas. Have a lovely day!!! AMB…Rose

Bonnie Forbister says:

Will OxiClean clean glass shower doors?

Kanti123 says:

What about military boot? I’m a mechanic so you know how dirty they can get

Beth Lintner says:

Most car seat manufacturers have instructions for cleaning! If you don’t follow them you can remove the fire resistant coating!! Please do your research for your own car seat before following this tip!!

2havefun says:

Hi Melisa. I have several questions not related to this subject. Do I just type them here? I couldn’t find an email. Thanks

Cyndy says:

I love using 70% Isopropyl alcohol and paper towel to clean my mirrors and glass door cabinets. I think it works better than anything and leaves my mirrors and glass, crystal clean and lint free.
I also wipe down my chrome faucet with the alcohol damp paper towels to shine them up and sanitize.

rubymimosa says:

I use mold spray remover (for tile in the bathroom) for armpit stains on shirts. Gonna have to try this instead!

Barbara Crabtree says:

Our Corelle dishes and stainless steel silverware were looking dull and a little discolored (we have hard well water) so I soaked them in a sink of hot water with oxi clean. I didn’t know if it would help, but knew it couldn’t hurt. I was amazed!! The dishes looked like new and the silverware was shiny again.

Jacqueline Lun says:

Thank you so much for the tips. I have seen a Japanese housewife using it for almost everything. But It’s in Japanese and I couldn’t read any. Your video explains all.

Bia says:

Tries this oxi clean for grout but not impressed at all.

Sarah Fowler says:

You’ve cleaned all of these things with cheaper homemade cleaners before but now suddenly we need to buy OxyClean because they ponied up for an undisclosed sponsored video?

Zoanne Wilcox says:

A long time ago a neighbor showed me how she cleaned bumpy lamp bases and other items in her house you would not put in a dishwasher. She used a baby’s hairbrush! The soft bristles did not scratch the surfaces and still got into those little crevices. I still use this method to clean my 110 year old armoire. It has curved edges and claw feet. I spray liquid gold onto hairbrush and clean and polish using gentle circular movements. It cleans the wood and nourishes at the same time. I live in western Colorado and our humidity sometimes gets as low as 5%! I really enjoy your videos and use a lot of your tips. My husband has breathing issues and I first started watching your videos to get alternative ideas for cleaning without strong odors but still got the job done. I grew up using homemade Lye soap, then pinesol and bleach. SO HAPPY to be using baking soda, dish soap and vinegar for most of it!! I have used Oxiclean to clean my carpets since we got a fur baby several years ago. I would not use anything else on my carpets!! Merry Christmas to your family and God’s blessings in 2019:)

Mrs AW says:

Hey Melissa, I watched the part with the cat carrier, I have two of them and would defo use this hack, but when you were rinsing it, I seen how you poured the cold water in it, then I guessed you would have went through a lot of paper towels to dry it, wouldn’t it be easier to take it into the bathroom, clean it in there, use the shower head to rinse and then sit it in the bathtub upside down to let it drip dry? That’s how we would do it xx

Sheena says:

The toy cleaning was super helpful. But you know how you mentioned you don’t soak any of the toys with batteries, can you do a video detailing how to clean/sanitize those?

Maxima says:

Link to kettle please

mandy coker says:

Hi, I put a scoop in my Bissell carpet cleaner water container. Works like a charm when cleaning the carpet.

Suzanne Wallisa says:

Hi Melissa!
Can you use an Oxiclean solution in a bissell carpet steamer? Thanks!!

Mom Four Boys !!! says:

I use it on my bed pillows when I clean in the washing machine. Gets them nice and clean

Erin Coates says:

I have a duvet cover that is white and turning yellow in some spots, would you recommend soaking it in the OxiClean or just running it through the machine? Do you have a laundry OxiClean video? Thank you ☺️

Cyndy says:

OH NO! I did a little digging and found out that Oxiclean DOES test on animals!
This website Veganrabbit.com gives a list of all companies that DO and DON’T test on animals.

Please be informed. When we know better, we do better!

Lesley Victoria says:

I’ve learnt so much from Melissa and reading through comments. In this video’s comments there’s quite a bit of negativity. Why bother posting a negative comment? Because you are hiding behind your phone/computer? Just remember tact and just know Melissa is only trying to help us!

Myrna Rust says:

How to use as a tile floor cleaner? Not just grout.. good idea or not?

Ellie says:

So.. everyone saying that Oxiclean tests on animals. Is that because they sell in China or what? And, do they continuously test on animals or just the once… what’s the deal?

Cynthia Bakke says:

I use a solution of half water, half white vinegar, plus a half scoop to a full scoop of oxi clean and a sploosh of febreeze in my carpet cleaner. Gets rid of dirt/pet messes and smells like you wouldn’t believe! My favorite cleaning hack is using a timer- like Flylady says, I can do anything for 15 minutes! Also, there isn’t much in this world that Pine Sol can’t do- I add it to stinky laundry (teen boy sweat, animal messes etc), and use it full strength on wood floors that I am currently cleaning at least a decade of hoarder type dirt and filth off of, a section (aprox 2×2) at a time. I pour it on the section, scrub with scrub brush, soak up, and wipe with a clean wet towel. Doesn’t even look like the same floor! Obviously you wouldn’t do this on a regular hardwood floor, but if it’s so bad you’ll have to strip it down or tear it out anyway, it’s worth a shot! Once they are all cleaned, I’ll seal them and make sure they STAY clean (not my dirt, but now my house).

Foxy Lady says:

Love your video’s. Only the music on the background is not necessary, so think about decluttering that 😉 I’m in Holland and I like to focus on what you are saying (sometimes it’s hard for me to translate). The background music is just a distraction for me. Think about it. Thank you! Peace.

La Vi says:

Cleaning tip: cleaning dirty runners in a bathroom, far away from a kitchen counter and a cloth towel.

Abbey P says:

Is no name oix clean the same? I buy from Dollar Tree.

Leigh-Ann Amsing says:

Never use oxiclean on car seats. It compromises the safety. They are fire retardant and also the straps could wear out quicker and not work properly in an accident.

Michelle B. says:

I put oxiclean in the sink with water to soak a sticker on glassware. Slides right off

Septima Snape says:

paper towels are great waste. just usr cloth or an old towel or shirt or something. it’s a crime to the environment to use this many

J Garza says:

How does OxyClean affect Maker’s Microfiber? I just received mine!

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