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Hey everyone! I have 15 simple life hacks you need to know to simplify and improve your everyday life. Hope you find these awesome life hacks to be useful!

All of the simple life hacks featured in this video are listed below with time stamps.

Life Hack 1: Stop mirror and car windows from fogging and steaming up 0:14

Life Hack 2: How to clean mirrors and windows with newspaper 1:09

Life Hack 3: Cooking with parchment paper on stove top 1:22

Life Hack 4: How to wash dishes fast with boiling hot water / simple cleaning ideas 2:16

Life Hack 5: Homemade Dishwasher Detergent 3:06

Life Hack 6: Make your own carpet cleaning powder with baking soda 3:50

Life Hack 7: Best, fast, and easy way to clean the kitchen microwave 4:32

Life Hack 8: Layer several trash bags in trash can 5:08

Life Hack 9: DIY bakeware scrubber with an aluminum foil ball 5:30

Life Hack 10: Clean dirty blinds the easy way with a sock 5:50

Life Hack 11: Blender cleaning trick 6:26

Life Hack 12: DIY all purpose cleaner with vinegar + orange peels 7:03

Life Hack 13: DIY kitchen wipes for a clean kitchen 7:55

Life Hack 14: How to make your own dawn foaming dish soap 9:20

Life Hack 15: Clean the nooks and crannies in your house with fluffy slime 9:55


Cathie Penalagan says:

Great ideas. No so sure how good for the environment and landfill tossing away so much parchment paper all the time. Parchment paper can be reused if you do really want to use it regardless of the waste effect.

Leila. Habib says:

I like the guys that take care of cleaning.

Jennifer Watson says:

One hack that works for a pan with baked on mess from oven.. place a dryer sheet in it add water let rest an hour and the baked on mess comes off so easy!!! Even use sheet to scrub pan then toss away! My sister in law was doing this when we evacuated to her house during Irma.. we were all shocked!!

Cheyenne Heuser says:

Definitely going to do the cleaning blender thing on my nutri bullet! Thanks!

Todd Clay says:

Parchment paper. I’ve been lining pans with non-stick aluminum which is costly and not matter what I seem to cook the oil seems to go through the aluminum foil especially when baking chicken. Now I’ll try the parchment and see how that works out and on-top of the stove may be interesting too.

Dilek Ay says:

wtf is a deodorizor? Just wash your carpet if its smelly. Americans…

jobethmarie charles says:

Going to try the slime one with the kiddos!! Thank u!

Isabel Strid says:

well you just made me want a fried egg

Sabrina hunt says:

Instead of using paper towels to use in any hack because they waste money you can use microfiber towels, cut to size, and them wash as often as it holds.

Disabler says:

This is only a money saver in the US cause in the rest of the world baking soda is insanely expensive! Same goes for vinegar and other basics..

SouthernMaster says:

If your favorite hack (shaving cream on mirror to prevent steaming) is good for only one shower that is waaaaay too much work! Heck, I’ll just wipe it off with a towel.

Jadeshonor says:

3 minutes my Aunt Fanny! My bathroom area is half the size of the video, but I have twice the crap in mine… such as blow dryers, curling irons, brushes, and a small assortment of chotchkies (sp?). At least I have doing the floor down to an art.

Jan Kimbell says:

I lick the slime, the foam Dawn containeer and the layers of trash can liners. Thanks so much!

Kathryn Justice says:

Go to the hardware section of your Wal-Mart and get a box of TSP and a a spoon to the dishwasher tablet mix. TSP is what they started leaving OUT of the New and Improved version of dishwasher soap! It gets everything clean again.

Fuadi Collection Amilia says:


Vanessa Ferguson says:

Am going to put extra bin liners in this very second. Thank you for those great tips. I love them.From Vanessa in the UK.Cheers.xoxoxooxox

Claire Rousseau says:

Great tips!
Shaving cream has so many cleaning uses because it’s basically a dry form of ultra-concentrated soap….I use it instead of the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (which are ridiculously overpriced) to clean scuffs & marks off the walls & it doesn’t take off paint or wallpaper like the erasers. It also is good for doors, baseboards & cabinets, too.

Elizabeth Bayne says:

The trash bag hack!

totoy mercado says:

nice dude !

Manny Ramirez says:

Dishes, a simple fix. I have a house of four people so I only have four od everything. Four spoons, forks, knifes, butter knife, cups, plates and bowls. So wash what you use cause you only have one!

Michele Sanford says:

@ James DIY, So many haters saying cruel things behind their monitors.
I think I speak for most when I say, I’m grateful that you took the time to share these tips. I’m definitely going to use the shaving cream on the bathroom mirror and I buy those dishwasher pods and Clorox wipes like crazy… but not anymore; so thank you for saving me money and for sharing great ideas.
Apparently some people on here have never heard of the old saying, ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all,) or are just complete jerks and don’t care, which in my opinion speaks volumes of their character and it’s in no way positive.

Daytona Geesey says:

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Lois Barber says:

You must be rich to waste money like this. What a waste of shaving cream for the bathroom mirror! Dry dry it off with the hand towel – zero cost! A piece of parchment paper for every egg you cook? The nonstick pan you show is easy peasy to clean. I stopped watching after these 2 tips

Sara Tom says:

you sound like shief john of food wishes

Penny Jimenez says:

All hacks are helpful….

Ken Fletcher says:

Saliva works on the mirror, too. Useful for small shaving mirrors etc.

That pan was dirty after you cooked the egg on parchment paper. I can see the dirt!

Vinegar is a chemical!

Kate King says:

Just remember to not use vinegar based cleaners on granite as it will wreck the granite. So granite kitchen tops and that orange cleaner are a no-no.

DebbyAbqNM says:

I guess I missed the wonderful toilet-cleaning hack. Maybe it was removed because it worked so well it was bought by Big Toilet so we have to buy a new toilet when all the iron stains can’t be removed. And using parchment paper on a no-stick pan? Waste of money, clean that pan within a few seconds of use!

jessica kiefer says:

Dude….U married?? LOL Just kidding!!! Wish you would teach my hubby to clean like you do! LOL Thanks for the Hacks….It can get awfully stressful trying to keep the house clean with my teenage son, hubby and pets messing it up as quick as I can get it clean……These hacks make it much easier and faster to get things done! Keep up the GREAT work!!!! What about the shower…..We just bought a much older farm house….the shower has years of build up on the glass doors…..got any ideas?? Murphy’s oil soap takes off recent soap scum without scrubbing but, not the old stuff…Help???

Lauren K says:

James, thank you for taking the time to test these and making the video. Anyone from the ‘disposable’ generation can throw away and replace…but you have some great time savers and clean ideas in your videos. Kudos!!!

Ivy Chang says:

So many good ideas, especially to save time and money. Vinegar is a good cleaner for many products.

RobloxGamers says:

so nice your video

alex tworkowski says:

I like “coajulate”. Glad to see that public education is paying off big time.

0000 says:

for the blander
just clean it with warm water before the remaining juice dry
that means before you drink the juice
it will take less than 10 secs

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