13 Genius Car Cleaning Hacks

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar


marc malon says:

Great video

Mihael Tominšek says:

Olive oil is organic oil and itr is oil. Same as WD40 dilute glue on bumperstickers, same way dashboard “paint” (it is mostly special paint), will soften and start to peel after few years. Not to mention organic oil will rotten and smell bad.

mobileterminaluser says:

Go to Chris fix channel. It’s better & doesnt waste your time with bs.

theghettocop69 says:

So practically I’m gonna need 8 gallons of vinager and 20 boxes of baking soda

tuna in Water says:

Now my car is an *Organic Car*….

Mihael Tominšek says:

GRRR, fact vs fiction: When on earth will this nonsense stop: Soda+Vinegar neutralizes by itself in a neutral Ph water. Not even as much powerful as plain water. What a stupid internet is repeating same nonsenses for decades. Morons.

O A says:

what about the gasoline hack… and light your car on fire

K K says:

I found the white vinegar and baking soda to be the only informative info this video has to offer

Louis Holland says:

Pledge is best for.interiors and wheels and smells good.

Rael Picot says:

A makeup brush is a good cleaner for vents and you can keep it in the car so that you can dust when you’re waiting for someone.

Nik Gnashers says:

Never simply wash your car with a soapy sponge, it will just rub all the tiny grit & dirt particles into your paint surface…Always jetwash if possible first, and also apply TFR (traffic film remover) before jetwashing is possible, to remove the grit/top surface dirt…After this stage, only then should you apply your soap/shampoo with a soft woolly mitt, then jetwash off and dry your car with a wash-leather cloth for a no smears shine.

Rael Picot says:

When your windows look as though they’ve been smeared it’s because of some cleaners that people use that end up evaporating off the vinyl or leather dash. That’s why natural vinegar is good – it doesn’t send out chemical fumes when the dash gets hot.

Litho Gonzalez says:

I use windex to wipe my whole car down for a few yrs now.

fx4warrior88 says:

So now this channel has a knowledge of auto detailing? Lol okay

Jay T says:

Blah blah blah.

Hussain Almubarak says:

mix baking soda & vinegar…get a fire extinguisher for free..

National Dispatch LLC says:

I feel like I need to go clean my car right now lol

bohdi satva says:

its not a hack its called cleaning

DavidLeon M.O.G. says:

Vinegar should be used for preventative maintenance, not actual cleaning…..

Mr. Finger says:

WD-40 Only works on paper stickers, otherwise just use a hairdryer like a normal person.

Billie 9milli says:

Thanks for that pet hair idea…I have a husky and sheds like crazy. .

bob dylan says:

Don’t ruin your paint with harsh car wash chemicals … But use wd40 to ruin your paint

dave 2010 says:

The dog and kids can fuck off and walk now for that mess

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